'War on terror cannot be won without Pakistan'

Published: December 4, 2010
Gilani says Afghanistan and Pakistan have to enhance coordination in the fight against terrorism. PHOTO: AFP

Gilani says Afghanistan and Pakistan have to enhance coordination in the fight against terrorism. PHOTO: AFP

KABUL: Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani, on Saturday, said the war against terrorism cannot be won without Pakistan’s support and that Afghanistan and Pakistan have to enhance coordination in the fight against terrorism.

Gilani reached Kabul on a two day visit to Afghanistan Saturday morning and held a meeting with Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Addressing a joint press conference after the meeting, Gilani said that Pakistan has paid a heavy price in the war against terrorism but is nonetheless determined to help Afghanistan to establish peace in the region.

Meanwhile, Karzia said Pakistan has been a gracious host for the Afghan refugees. He expressed hopes of Pakistan’s cooperation with Afghanistan to achieve a better future.

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Reader Comments (10)

  • vasan
    Dec 4, 2010 - 4:29PM

    WOT cannot be won without Pakistan because it is Pakistan which breeds terrorists and provides asylum to terrorists. There have been so many terrorist attacks within Pakistan itself by Pakistani terrorists, how can WOT be won without Pakistan’s support provided that support is to clean its actRecommend

  • Zab786
    Dec 4, 2010 - 7:13PM

    Pakistani PM needs to convey his strong message to kazai government to stop funding Bloch libration army(BLA)and handed over brahmdagh bugti to Paksitan and all other taritors who’s mission to divided Pakistan in peices,Reahman is the only person who spokes truth with all leaders he is true Pakistani at that time and we respect him he needs to breif PM gillani at balochistan’s matter that afghanistan is funding BLA and we will never tolerate the double standard of afghanistan espeacially the so called puppet of american’s government president karzai.Recommend

  • Ashutosh
    Dec 4, 2010 - 10:37PM

    If Pakistan is an ally in war on terror then whom is the war against?Recommend

  • Osama
    Dec 4, 2010 - 11:23PM

    The attacks inside Pakistan are carried out by Indian agencies which support Pakistani Taliban. The attacks inside India every other day that are way greater in size and often go meagerly reported are carried out by Pakistani agencies. It’s however a fact that the War On Terror can’t be won without Pakistani support. It was quite visible during the days when entire U.S. Army and International forces were retaliated against and later gotten on its knees before GHQ after the killing of 3 Pakistani Army soldiers; in addition to that, the world knows it was the same GHQ that gave U.S. the status of sole superpower in the world.Recommend

  • Talha Bin Masood
    Dec 5, 2010 - 12:04AM

    @Ashutosh: When and who said that War-on-terror is against Pakistan:S…what kind of statement have you made my friend? please make some sense out of it….War-on-terror is not against even Afghanistan. It is against those turbulent forces who are causing terror across the region.

    I don’t seem to understand what is being fed into the minds of young Indians by Indian media. Do you all think that if some in-spotlight terrorists have happened to reside in Pakistan then it means those are provided asylum by Pakistani State….:S what kind of non-sense is that?….

    First of all, there no extra amount of extremists/terrorists in Pakistan which are not there in other countries, and if we see from the proportion of population, there would be more extremists in India than in Pakistan, would that make Indian state an official safe heaven for breeding of terrorist.?? No!….

    Terrorists don’t belong to any country, they just exist for the fulfillment of their agendas, that’s it. Moreover ‘Extremists’ have a share of population in every country, and they create problems for the prosperity of that country from time to time, in some cases they happen to convert into ‘terrorist’ too, if they are not controlled in limits.

    Pakistan’s problem has been that, it has not been able to control the extremists very well for some years and they have become a bed-sore for its own. But most of the terrorists which are active in Pakistan have their strong bondages with the global terror organizations and they are being funded for a variety of agendas. They are acting as proxies of different big players around the globe, who don’t want to see Pakistan as a strong, developed and prosperous country.

    Before saying anything like “Pakistan is Breeding terrorists” or “Pakistan is a terrorist country”, please take a while to use your heads and try to ask yourself, why would a country with an over 17 million population would choose to be a full-blown terrorist country? And which other country around the globe can be correctly classified as a ‘terrorist-country’.

    Countries (and religions) never are terrorist…..people are! …and people span multiple countries and multiple origins.Recommend

  • Humanity
    Dec 5, 2010 - 3:29AM

    It only means Pakistan intends to continue to fight itself .. yeah carry on the jihad .. The end does not seem too far. That is, the end of the road to the cliff !!Recommend

  • Pakistani
    Dec 5, 2010 - 6:31PM

    @ Vasan .. dont worry we are working on cleaning our act and once its achieved we will get to the SOURCE and repay our love in kindRecommend

  • G.Khan
    Dec 5, 2010 - 10:42PM

    @ Vasan , Ashutosh

    Very interesting question? Who this war is against? Well, what do you think?
    But even before anyone should think anything let me invite everyone to find the answer to the question ” WHO IS THE INVADER”?

    Invader is the TERRORIST.
    Where they invaded? “Iraq and Afghanistan”.

    On what pretext in Iraq?” Weapons of Mass Destructin” . US Govt. and Intelligence agencies aceppted that They were wrong . There were none. It was a Planned invasion on fabricated facts.

    Before that, came the invasion of Afghanistan. On What pretext? 9/11!!!!
    It can be equally false . But they invaded a whole nation for one person. Again a false premesis.

    In all this where Pakistan came into picture? Problem is that You Indians have your own screwed up logic which is not based on facts but bias against Pakistan.

    It is obvious from all this Theater of Invasion after invasions, that the Invaders who should have been condemned as Terrorists, are now looking for a scapegoat to put the burden of their own failure on Pakistan.

    In this picture, Pakistan is neither an invader or initiator of any war. If you do not have courage to call Invading Powers as invaders because you and your GOVT. is scared to death by them then keep Quiet. There is no need to come and blame us. Recommend

  • vasan
    Dec 6, 2010 - 6:47AM

    Pl clean up the sources first and then you will be surprised first at the sources that lay in your west rather than east. Cant wait for your repayment with love your sources.
    G Khan
    Nobody, nobody denies the most idiotic war in Iraq and Afganistan, The comments are about terrorist attacks in Pakistan and India. By the way what has India to do with the Afghan and Iraq wars. And dont start Kashmir,.You guys want to take the gun for all the evils going on in the world before fixing your own house in order, change your priorities my friend, Attend to your own citizen’s needs and fix your army and politicians and then talk about the workd,Recommend

  • G.Khan
    Dec 6, 2010 - 2:35PM

    @ Vasan
    Have you fixed your own house? I don’t see it fixed. I can see increasing terrorism by naxalites within and opening a Red Corridor. when you are going to fix that ? I don’t see you have cleaned up the sources yet. when you are going to do that?

    I had not mentioned Kashmir but since you have mentioned so you answer that too. I will pass it for now.

    Now what kind of a screwed up logic is this that ? Quote ” Nobody, nobody denies the most idiotic war in Iraq and Afganistan, The comments are about terrorist attacks in Pakistan and India. By the way what has India to do with the Afghan and Iraq wars”.

    If Afghan war is Idiotic then Invaders and Occupiers are TERRORIST? Do you Agree? Beacuse illegal occupation is State Terrorism. Do your Logic understand that simple thing? If not Debate is over. Because then I will send you to read UN charter which supports my position and By the way on which Your country also signed.
    Having identified the real terrorists, now we can understand better what is happening in Pakistan and India. Nothing was happening before 2001 precisely. Therefore it has to do something with this invasion and act of terrorism. Afghanistan and Pakistan are the direct victims. Can not India be indirect victim? Can it be a possibility?
    Let’s stick to the point. Looking for scapegoats when US has lost the Afghan war is a very easy job. Because it takes guts to accept one’s own failure. As I said If we accept the simple argument that Invaders and occupiers are the Terrorists then nothing needs more explaination as to against who is this war on terror is being fought. It is being fought against those who invaded Afghanistan( US ARMY) and those who are fighting against them are the Afghans themselves and US call them terrorists. Pakistan has nothing to do with Invasion or Afghan resistance. But it is absorbing the shock waves from this whole chaos including refugees.Recommend

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