We are unique, we are better. That’s why our music sells in India - Xulfi

Published: March 19, 2015

KARACHI: High ambitions and a career to match, he is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. The Express Tribune talks to the brains behind Nescafe Basement and internationally acclaimed musician, Xulfi.

Zulfiqar ‘Xulfi’ Jabbar Khan started his career with an underground band named Call in 1996 (the band was relaunched later with Junaid Khan) but it took off when he formed Entity Paradigm (EP) with Fawad Khan and Ahmed Ali Butt. Throughout his struggle to become a musician, Xulfi never gave up on his childhood dream and went on to produce Nescafe Basement. The recording studio gained immense popularity when Awari by Soch was featured in Bollywood’s Ek Villain.

Brimming with talent, our country has seen many musicians and actors from Pakistan make it big in Bollywood and he is no stranger to struggles faced by musicians which is why he wants to help flourishing artists across both borders. “The musicians here are great,” he proudly says, “…but lack of opportunities pushes them across the border.”

Talking about local talent in comparison to our neighbouring country, Xulfi states, “We are unique; in fact we are better. That’s why our music sells in India. Be it me or Atif Aslam or Ali Zafar, our music is distinct from what’s being done in movies there.” He feels our music industry lacks the attention it deserves because it is not recognized as a profession in Pakistan.

His contribution to the Bollywood industry has won him countless awards and a name among the maestros of music. His international claim to fame was the chart topper Laaree Chootee which featured in Bollywood film Ek Chalis Ki Last Local. “I am not ruling out the possibility of working in Bollywood but for now I’d rather focus on putting Pakistani music back on track”, says the artist.

As of now, Xulfi is working on personal projects, “I am working on my career’s biggest project. This will be the biggest goal achieved if things fall in place”, said the excited musician. The project is rumoured to be Pepsi Smash which will be released sometime this year.

Watch Xulfi’s live performance with Fawad Khan on the former’s wedding:

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