Pakistan to offer JF-17 jets to Bulgaria

If Bulgarian government decides to acquire the jets, Pakistan would become aircraft’s first foreign operator

Web Desk March 11, 2015

WARSAW: Pakistan plans on offering its PAC JF-17 Thunder fighter jets to Bulgaria in a bid to acquire 16 combat aircraft for its military, reports Defene News.

According to Bulgarian news agency Nevinite, the Bulgarian Air Force is aiming to replace its outdated Soviet-designed Mikoyan MiG-21 aircraft.

Up till now, Bulgaria’s Defense Ministry has shortlisted three offers which include US bid of F-16s, Eurofighter Typhoon and Sweden’s Gripen.

Recently, Bulgarian Defense Minister Nikolai Nenchev said he aimed to visit the United States in the first quarter of 2015 to discuss potential procurement.

JF-17’s first prototype was launched in May 2003. Since then, the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex and China’s Chengdu Aircraft have been jointly producing the jet since 2007.

If the Bulgarian government decides to acquire the JF-17, Pakistan would become the aircraft’s first foreign operator.

The aircraft is enabled with a service ceiling of 55,500 feet and a maximum speed of 700 knots, according to data released by Pakistan Aeronautical Complex.

The Islamabad-based manufacturer says that the fighter jet's glass cockpit and hands-on throttle and stick controls reduce pilot workload, and it can be armed with beyond-visual-range active missiles with a range of 70 to 100 kilometers, and highly agile imaging infrared short-range missiles.


IndianDude | 6 years ago | Reply @blitzkrieg Today we have our own indeginous offense drones and cruise missiles. India buys it from other countries. U just need a moqa.. Funny! With all the jokes and green paints aside, how are your drones and jf17 working out againsts your own 'strategic' children? In the entire history of Pakistan,, your army and your weapons have enabled to be victirious in capturing your own people and country, to killed more Pakistanis than your enemies. We have nothing to worry about. P.S. Tejas was a failure but you don't see us boasting as super-duper state of the art fighter. Whereas jf17 is a chinese copy of mig21 assembled and painted in Pakistan, even chinese dont use it. Seriously, do you think a country who can't even build a two stroke scooter or a crappy car is going to design and build a state-of-the-art fighter jet?
blitzkrieg | 6 years ago | Reply @IndianDude: 100 times better than ur teja which ur own airforce doesn't want to fly.... Russia has no issues with with this sell. We have the reselling rights. And as far as speed is concerned and what do u wana say comparing its speed with a boeing..f16 has around same speed 1600 mph. so don't make a fool of ur self. Today we have our own indeginous offense drones and cruise missiles. India buys it from other countries. U just need a moqa..
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