Store your winter clothes right

Ensure that you store your seasonal clothes in the right way and in the right place

Ians March 07, 2015
Ensure that you store your seasonal clothes in the right way and in the right place. PHOTO: FASHIONANDYOU

NEW DELHI: The winter season is approaching its end and the summer season is soon to set in, and so it is time to put the heavy woolens away. Ensure that your seasonal clothing are stored away in the right way and in the right place.

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Experts from FashionAndYou, a flash website in the fashion and lifestyle space, share tips on how to store your clothes well:

• Keep it clean

Before you plan to pack the clothes for the season, ensure that they are clean and tidy. All stains or crooked threads should be rectified before packing, as the stains may settle well inside your clothes during the long storage period. Plan a thorough wash for all the clothes for their longer life before storing them.

• Sort and segregate

As they say, 'Stitch in time saves nine’. Invest time in segregating and sorting the clothes, depending upon their type or sizes. Remember you are storing them and not discarding them. A well-sorted storage is not a hassle post the season and also ensures clarity and assortment of the clothes you own.

• Choose the container

Choose your mode of storage and the style you would like to store it in. If you would want to hang them, ensure they are well wrapped and looped. If you plan to store them in an almirah or under the beds, ensure that you certainly use moth balls, small cedar blocks and a sheet to cover them so that they remain immune to the pests attack.

• Right place

Be assured that the place you choose is clean and dark. Clean the space and use newspapers or charts before placing your clothes. A dark place is generally cool and prevents fading of the clothes. Keep a check that there is no water in and around the space as that might attract pests and insects. Dry places away from the reach of water are usually the best place to store clothes.

• Monitoring mechanism

Keep a check on the stored items, don’t be ignorant.


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