SJC sends notices to 2 AJK judges

Express April 23, 2010


The Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), headed by deposed chief justice Riaz Akhtar Chaudry, has finalised its report against sitting Chief Justice Manzoor Gilani on Friday.

This report will be send to Prime Minsiter Yousaf Raza Gilani, who is the chairman of the AJK Council.

The council, set up by the AJK President Raja Zulqernain, has made its report after conducting in-absentia hearing against the sitting chief justice in Mirpur.

Interestingly, another judicial council headed by the sitting chief justice, has conducting similar hearing against the deposed chief justice in Muzaffarabad.

This judicial council has been set up on the orders of the AJK prime minister.


Itti | 13 years ago | Reply For the last three years I am reading articles relating to the appointment of the Chief Justice of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Under the constitution only one supreme judicial council can work. the question whether the sjc head by Mr. Gilani is legal or Mr. chaudhry. Under the constitution of AJ&K the presidnet is bound by the advise of the prime minister and the acting president in the absence of president has the same powers which the president can enjoy during sitting in the office. From this perspective the sjc headed by Mr. Gilani is a legal judicial council which has submitted its report to the chairman of the AJ&K council which is the prime ministe of Pakistan. We should see that who is responsible for the destruction of judicial system in AJ&K. No doubt Mr. justice chaudhry is responsible for that. He came in power by using unfair means through the back door. I know every fact in this case because for the last three years I am reading the articles related to the appointment of chief Justice of AJ&K. When Mr. Chaudhry was appointed in the supreme court in 2006 at that time Mr. gilani wa already working in the supreme court as Judge supreme court on permanent basis. it will be interesting for the readers that within 22 days by superseading his senior Mr. Gilani, Mr. Chaudhry became the Chief Justice of the supreme court of AJ&K by using the military dictator Pervaiz Musharraf. After getting the charge of the CJ Supreme Court he has interefered into the executive matters directly whereas he had no jurisdiction in this regard. the powers and functions of the supreme Court are clearly mentioned in the Constitution Act 1974. Interestintly Mr. chaudhry has assumed the writ jurisdiciton like the supreme court of Pakistan. The Supreme court of Pakistan under article 184 has the original jurisidcitn but the supreme court of azad jammu and kashmir has only appeallant jurisdiciton under section 42 of the constitution. it will be interesting for the readers that justice chaudhry has declared azad Jammu and kashmir a separate country in his order passed i think in March 2010. anyway there are lot of things which we can write down but I think its enough. Dear readers, no nation can be developed without proper and fair judicial system. Unfortunately we are at the bottom in the line of developing nations because of our bad practice and corruption. How that country will develop and go ahead where the people like justice chaudry are working on the higher posts and just for getting their personal benifits and greedness they are utilizing the public office. You know what is the difference between our bureaucrate and the other developed countries. Only honesty. Our bureaucrates are thinking that they are masters of their nation whereas the bureaucracy of developed country consider themselves the servant of their nation. How they country will go ahead where the justice like justice gilani seek justice. Justice seeks justice. Its unfortunate for all of us including me. Itti
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