Unofficial results pour in as voting comes to a close

Published: March 5, 2015
Polling suspended in K-P assembly after reports of horse-trading. PHOTO: AFP

Polling suspended in K-P assembly after reports of horse-trading. PHOTO: AFP

Voting in Senate elections began Thursday morning as federal and provincial lawmakers arrived to cast their vote.

With four contestants already elected unopposed in Sindh, voting was held for the remaining 48 seats with members of the provincial assemblies electing senators on their respective provincial quotas – seven for Sindh, 11 for Punjab, 12 each for Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) and Balochistan for different categories of seats.

A neck-and-neck contest is expected between the ruling PML-N and the main opposition party, the PPP, as they vie to take control of the upper house of Parliament for the next three years.


PTI’s candidate for general seat Syed Shibli Faraz from K-P was also elected.


According to unofficial results, JI chief Sirajul Haq has been elected as a Senator, Express News reported.


Another seat goes to PTI, this time it is PTI’s candidate for reserved seat for women Samina Abid who was elected.


First unofficial result from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) has been announced. PTI’s candidate for minority seat from K-P John Kenneth Williams was elected with 70 votes, Express News reported.

Total 123 votes were casted by K-P lawmakers.


Counting of votes in the K-P Assembly begins; 123 votes were cast in total, our correspondent Manzoor Ali reports from Peshawar.


President Mamnoon Hussain congratulates the newly elected Senators, Radio Pakistan reports.

He expressed confidence that they would play their role in strengthening the democratic process.


PML-N’s senior vice president, Sardar Yaqoob Nasir, one of the stronger candidates, could not secure his Senate seat from Balochistan, our correspondent Shezad Baloch reports.

Despite having the support of 28 MPAs out of the total 65, the PML-N won a disappointing three seats, whereas the ruling National Party (NP) with 11 members and PkMAP with 14 members also secured three seats each.


A message from the Chairman Senate Syed Nayyer Hussain Bokhari congratulates the newly elected senators.

Bokhari expressed his hope that the newly elected Senators will play a positive role as they enter the upper house of Pakistan and that they will work hard for the betterment of the people and rule of law leading to progress in the country.


Voting time in K-P Assembly is over.

According to sources, PTI’s dissident MPA Javed Naseem did not appear to cast his vote, our correspondent Manzoor Ali reports.


PML-N members celebrate their victory inside the Punjab Assembly. PHOTO: AROOSA SHAUKAT/EXPRESS


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif congratulates the newly elected senators, Express News reports. Transparent electoral process strengthens democracy, he says.


PML-N leader Rana Sanuallah while announcing his party results from Punjab said Raja Zafarul Haq and Professor Sajid Mir have won their Senate seats on technocrat quota by securing 157 and 149 votes respectively.

Two women senators; Ayesha Raza Farooq with 146 votes and Najma Hameed with 157 votes have also been elected on PML-N tickets.


According to unofficial results, the ruling PML-N emerges as largest party in Senate polls by securing 16 seats from Punjab, Islamabad and Balochistan.


Unofficial results indicate that PML-N’s Pervaiz Rasheed secured 44 votes; Abdul Qayuum 43; Saleem Zia 42; Mushahidullah Khan 41, and Nehal Hashmi got 41 votes from the Punjab Assembly, our correspondent Aroosa Shaukat reports.


JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman says Maulana Ghafoor Haidery has secured his Senate seat from Balochistan.


Referring to the PTI, he said those who were ‘worried’ about rigging in elections were exposed and caught red-handed today.

National Party’s Ashok Kumar has won the minority seat for Senate from Balochistan, Express News reports


Total number of MPAs in Sindh stand at 168 as one member was disqualified.

According to presiding officer, 163 MPAs cast votes as four PTI lawmakers could not turn up (they had resigned from the assembly last year but their resignations have not been accepted as yet).


The PML-N has managed to secure both the Senate seats from Islamabad, Express News reports.

Raheela Magsi and Iqbal Zafar Jhagra won the seats.


Our correspondent Hafeez Tunio reports that five PPP candidates  – Rehman Malik, Islamuddin Sheikh, Salim Mandviwalla, Abdul Lateef Ansari and Engineer Gayan Chand – and MQM candidates – Mian Ateeq and Khushbakht Shujaat – have secured Senate seats, according to unofficial results.

Interestingly, joint opposition’s candidate Imamuddin Shaukeen – who was supposed to get 20 votes – only managed to secure 13.

National Peoples Party lawmakers reportedly cast votes in favour of PPP candidates.

PML-N member Hina Butt all smiles after casting her vote. PHOTO: NNI


As per unofficial poll results, MQM’s Khushbakht Shujaat and PML-N’s Iqbal Zafar Jhagra have secured their Senate seats.


In other news, polling in the K-P Assembly has been extended to 8pm, according to Express News.


Polling has come to an end, Express News reports.


“Voting is everyone’s right, we hope that the PPP wins,” says Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah.

Express News screen grab of Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah


With only 15 minutes to go, polling in the K-P Assembly has still not started, Express News reports.

Further, our correspondent Qamar Zaman reports that polling in the K-P Assembly has been suspended. Polling will only be postponed if ECP or a court orders the postponement.


Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique, while speaking to the media, says the ordinance should have been formed at least 10 days ago.

Meanwhile, votes are still being cast in the Balochistan Assembly, Express News reports.


Even after four hours, voting in the K-P Assembly has not yet begun, according to Express News.


JUI-F Maulana Attaur Rehman says PTI and JI brought the ballot papers outside the polling station in K-P, our correspondent Manzoor Ali reports.


The ECP has postponed elections on four seats of FATA until there is proper legislation for the ordinance which was issued last night, our correspondent Qamar Zaman reports.

The ordinance changed a procedure which would allow FATA MNAs to only vote for one person.


Opposition leader Khurshid Shah, speaking to the media outside the National Assembly, said the government has made the elections controversial.

A file photo of Opposition leader Khurshid Shah. PHOTO COURTESY: THE LAHORE TIMES

He condemned Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s absence during the Senate elections and last-minute issuance of the presidential ordinance. “Who will consider this election genuine?” he questioned, expressing reservations over manipulating law for political gains.


Polling has been suspended in K-P assembly for the last four hours.

Nighat Orakzai says the ballot papers are being taken to CM house and being stamped, our correspondent Manzoor Ali reports.

“I was verbally abused by a PTI member, ” she adds.


Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif spoke to the media after casting his vote.

“This polling will further strengthen the democratic system in the country,” he said.

Supporters from opposing parties chanted slogans against the chief minister while he addressed the journalists.



FATA MNA Habeeb Orakzai announced he is boycotting the Senate elections because of the presidential ordinance.


PTI leader Shaukat Yousufzai, responding to rigging claims, says polling in K-P assembly was underway smoothly, however, opposing lawmakers caused ruckus for no reason.


A two-member bench – constituted to hear petition filed by FATA lawmakers against recently issued presidential ordinance – issued notices to federal government and ECP to submit their response in this regard in a week.


Former Sindh chief minister Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim brought mobile phone to the assembly despite a ban imposed upon parliamentarians to refrain from using electronic items during Senate elections.

An Express News screengrab of former Sindh chief minister Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim.


Our correspondent Aroosa Shaukat reports that polling in the Punjab Assembly has resumed. The voting process was interrupted when PPP candidate Nadeem Afzal accused PML-N lawmakers of showing their ballots to party leadership.

Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif is currently inside the assembly building.


According to Radio Pakistan, polling for the election of four Senators from FATA has been stopped for the time being.


The CEC takes notice of alleged horse-trading taking place inside K-P assembly.

K-P Assembly. PHOTO: AFP


The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is considering delaying Senate polls in FATA.


The members from Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) have filed a writ petition against a presidential ordinance in Islamabad High Court which restricted them to just one vote instead of four votes.

The ordinance was issued hours before the ongoing Senate elections.

Read more here.


The media was barred from entering the premises of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) assembly.

Media persons were told not to enter the premises of the K-P assembly. At first they were stopped at the gate and were kept waiting. After journalists started protesting, they were allowed to enter the vicinity but are still waiting outside the building.


Nighat Orakzai, member of the K-P provincial assembly, said that she was told to leave the provincial assembly and has alleged that there is horse-trading going on during the electoral process, Express News reported.

An Express News screengrab of Nighat Orakzai.


With four contestants already elected unopposed in Sindh – two each from the PPP and MQM – voting will be held for the remaining 48 seats with members of the provincial assemblies electing senators on their respective provincial quotas – seven for Sindh, 11 for Punjab, 12 each for Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) and Balochistan for different categories of seats.

Members of the National Assembly will be voting for two seats for Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) while MNAs from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) will elect four senators from the tribal belt.

An Express News screengrab of the National Assembly.

According to the final list of contestants notified by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), 84 candidates will contest for 33 general seats from the provinces, Fata and the ICT while 22 candidates will contest for eight seats reserved for women in the provinces and ICT. Eighteen candidates will contest for eight seats reserved for technocrats, including Ulema, while eight others will run for two seats – one each from K-P and Balochistan – reserved for minorities.

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  • Anoni
    Mar 5, 2015 - 12:43PM

    To summarly put how the electioneering has been conducted.

    Hahahaha .. what a joke .. the higher bidder winsRecommend

  • O
    Mar 5, 2015 - 1:51PM

    Shouldnt each ministers vote be made public??? Can you not request that information under the various Right to Information Acts? after all, these minsiters are representing their voters/constitutents so shouldnt the constituents have hte right to know what decisions they have taken in their interest? Recommend

  • Layman
    Mar 5, 2015 - 3:54PM

    PPP has 5 MPA’s in KPK and they have fielded 2 senators, for one senator they need 16 MPA, so what kind of rigging is going on against PPP in KPK I could not understand,are they saying that they were not allowed to buy MPA’s freely..Recommend

  • Hussain Saqib
    Mar 5, 2015 - 4:28PM

    Members of the Upper House should be “pick-of-the-society”. Only those should be allowed becoming senators who are political equivalents of Saints and Sages. Read:

  • Adnan Siddiqi
    Mar 5, 2015 - 4:36PM

    A real shameful day for the fan club party as KPK has earned the distinction of being the only assembly in entire Pakistan which has yet to even commence polling which the elections have been completed in the capital and the other three assemblies. Speaks volume of the discipline and administrative abilities of a bunch of novices governing the province.Recommend

  • Adnan Siddiqi
    Mar 5, 2015 - 4:41PM

    PML-N sweeps Punjab and the Capital. Sindh and Balochistan expected to give the result known to everyone. As for KPK, held the distinction of having its voters supervised by the crackhead from Banigala who made CM house his command center. Voting yet to commence in KPK assembly.Recommend

  • Adnan Siddiqi
    Mar 5, 2015 - 5:19PM

    a) NS has not made a premature speech
    b) GEO has not announced results beforehand
    c) CJ Chaudhry ain’t around no more
    d) Najam Sethi is engaged somewhere else

    & still PML-N triumphs! Now then my cult worshiping sheep herd of the cult of Deen-e-Imrani, what would be the rallying cry of Niazi Baba tonight? Niazi is wishing right now that he would somehow tumble from a forklift again and ends up in a hospital so that he would not have to put up with such shame and misery.Recommend

  • Adnan Siddiqi
    Mar 5, 2015 - 5:29PM

    Hence this was the “Best Team” of legislators that Niazi trumpeted? PTI legislators have been herded like cattle all day because of their questionable characters and integrity. If Niazi has an iota of shame left, he would immediately dissolve KPK assembly and call for re-elections because there is a massive trust deficit between him and the people he personally gave tickets to back in 2013.

    This was bound to boomerang in the face of PTI which sold its tickets to millionaires in 2013. Tasneem Noorani’s report is a testament to the blatant mismanagement of ticket allocation that took place on the eve of 2013 elections.Recommend

  • Adnan Siddiqi
    Mar 5, 2015 - 5:37PM

    After meeting his Waterloo tonight and loosing out at least one seat in KPK, Niazi should redeem himself by supporting PML-N’s candidate for Chairman and Deputy Chairman Senate.Recommend

  • Irrelevant
    Mar 5, 2015 - 6:10PM

    Pakistan must include Safraz as WK in match against SA. We cannot afford anymore dropped catches. Jamshed has to make way for Safraz. Recommend

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    But, safraz is not really an opener. If we drop Jamshed, who do we promote to open? I agree that safraz must play, but who opens?Recommend

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    More importantly, we must also play Yasir Shah….we need some variety in our bowling attack. Recommend

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    @Adnan Siddiqi:
    Client and colonial mindset make merry and lunch farewell again and again of their fraud with the peoples,Recommend

  • Arslan
    Mar 5, 2015 - 7:07PM

    @Adnan Siddiqi: you got your medicines in time?
    If majority of the MPAs belong to PMLN, of course PMLN will sweep senate elections! Recommend

  • raider
    Mar 5, 2015 - 7:11PM

    @Adnan Siddiqi:
    Destruction masters of Pakistan future and its children find opportunities to get them intact with powerRecommend

  • raider
    Mar 5, 2015 - 7:19PM

    @Adnan Siddiqi:
    how many MNAs MPAs, senators you can have, you are free to get, however imran khan will be the next pmRecommend

  • Adnan Siddiqi
    Mar 5, 2015 - 9:43PM


    however imran khan will be the next pm

    I wish I was a qualified shrink but since I am not, I can surely refer you to one.Recommend

  • Raisani
    Mar 5, 2015 - 10:15PM

    @Adnan Niazi:
    I request all ET commenters to call Adnan Niazi by his name or else he might mind. And Niazi sahab u tend to award titles to everyone would u like to tell how much Dihaari u get for ur services. Recommend

  • Adnan Siddiqi
    Mar 5, 2015 - 11:04PM


    Oh I wouldn’t mind one bit. As long as I get to show y’all the mirror around here. Ugly reflection ain’t it?Recommend

  • H Chaudhry
    Mar 5, 2015 - 11:39PM

    Good to see Adnan keeping PTI fools at bay. Not getting enough time to comment here but what a shameless acts by PTI in KPK.

    @Raisani So whom ever supports PMLN gets paid to do it and paid to comment? From that logic, how much did you get to post here from PTI or whomever? Recommend

  • Adnan Siddiqi
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    @H Chaudhry:

    Missing you bro! Need you abroad to banish the fools once and for all.Recommend

  • zaman
    Mar 6, 2015 - 5:00AM

    @Adnan Siddiqi:
    I don’t know what you are on, but could we all have some.

    Without electoral reforms our representatives will not come out of their self indulgent ways, my question would be ,do we really need an upper house,as the immaturity in the federal and provincial assemblies does nothing but one is sometimes total baffled by the prattle that is mostly uttered by its members.Recommend

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