WikiLeaks: Kayani is no Musharraf

WikiLeaks quotes head of French Interagency as saying Kayani is staying behind the scenes in Pakistan.

Express November 30, 2010

WikiLeaks has quoted the head of the French Interagency on Afghanistan-Pakistan cell, Jasmine Zerinini as saying that Army Chief General Kayani has learnt his lesson from Musharraf and is staying behind the scenes in Pakistan.

Zernini also told a US diplomat that General Kayani is manipulating the government and parliament into preventing change on Pakistan's policy in the tribal belt. She added that Kayani also had a role in stirring up controversy regarding the Kerry-Lugar bill - that ties continued US aid to increased civilian control of the military.

Zerinini also argued that the West had missed its opportunity to push the Pakistani military to crush the Afghan Taliban taking refuge in Pakistan.

Citing Jalaluddin Haqqani as an example, Zerinini said in 2004 he had a  standing as a leader among the militants, but did not have the organisation to represent a significant military threat. However, since then, large amounts of funding, predominately from Gulf donors, have allowed Haqqani to create a network that would be difficult for the Pakistani military to defeat.


hussain mehmud | 12 years ago | Reply The slave mentality of some Pakistani accepting Musharaf instead of cursing him for taking Pakistan 30-40 years back..not allowing democracy to flourish.
Mohammed Moinuddin | 12 years ago | Reply Wikileaks and Pakistan the story is not is already old story and most of us are familiar with Pakistan Political/Army/Judiciary system. In Pakistan system runs for the last 40 to 50 years as under: The real PARLIAMENT is GHQ and Commander-in-Chief is the Super President/Prime Minister: Corp Commanders meeting is usually equal to Cabinet meeting(Army does not regard the elected representatives as the real Cabinet-BRAVO and Zindabad). The Super President/Prime Prime Minister(the Army Chief)in turn come under the command of USA and have to carry out all the dirty work of his masters and this is happening since last 40 to 50 years.Now it is still going on the Pak Army do not have any power to stop the drone attacks and they thinks that it is the jobs of their sub-ordinates ie Civilian Goverment to do it.To whom they are fooling?their own People?laughable Zardri was right to complain to their MASTERS that Army is trying to get rid of him(or kill him)and there is a proof behind it to suspect because Army hanged the most popular leader Pakistan ever produced ie Zulfikhar Ali Bhutto and also the people generally believe that Army also have hand in elimianting his sons Murtza and Shanawaz and latter Benazir Bhutto and also another free-dom fighter and the Pkistan's first Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan and Nawab Bughti(I think at one stage he was a Defence Mimister during Feroz Khan Noon Cabinet when our first super President Ayub khan conqured the Quaid's and people's Pakistan but not KASHMIR) So in the end wkileaks done a good job to expose every one(as far as Pakistan is concerned).Therefore the wikilileaks man should be given the highest award by the people of Pakistan
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