"Don't cut Karachi's electricity"

Express April 22, 2010

KARACHI: The MQM Coordination Committee demanded the withdrawal of the decision to reduce power supply of the Karachi Electric Supply Company by 300 megawatts on Thursday.

The members of the committee including Begum Nasreen Jaleel and Shoaib Bokhari, who condemned the decision at the Karachi Press Club. They said such actions will destroy industries and businesses in the city. They urged the government not to take such harmful decisions.

The committee members also asked the president and the prime minister to take notice of the decision of reducing electricity supply to the KESC.


Azam Sultan Ahmed | 13 years ago | Reply The decision to reduce 300 megawatts power supply of the Karachi Electric Supply Company is unjust and one sided. It is a know that Karachi has the largest share in the overall economic activity of Pakistan. This city is already suffering from a host of other problems, cutting down on the electricity supply is not the solution. More concrete measures vis vis conservation of electricity, illegal and kunda connections and waste should be plugged so that resources can be put to proper use. Alternate means of energy like coal and wind power should be adopted. Switching off street lights will lead to more lawlessness and give a free hand to criminals to operate in the dark. If the situation in Punjab is worse then it should be rectified by Pepco and Lesco authorities locally instead of taking the pound of flesh from Karachi and making Karachities suffer more. I hope this decision is revised in larger public interest.
Hasan | 13 years ago | Reply It all goes back to Ayub snatching the capital away from Karachi and putting it right outside of his village. That set the precedent. Then Bhutto felt like he didn't need to respond to his constituency in Karachi and played the ethnic card, Zia's allegiance lay with the Army, Benazir played the ethnic card except much worse than her father ever had and Nawaz was Punjabi. Really, Karachi benefited the most under General Musharraf, which is why he is fairly popular among Karachiites.
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