10 unusual uses of deodorant

Deodorant spray or stick can act as a mosquito repellent if applied on to exposed body parts.

Compiled By: Maria Ahmed February 08, 2015
Rub a bit of deodorant on your palms to avoid nervous clam hands. PHOTO:AFP

An-tiperspirants are personal hygiene products designed to control sweating and body odour. Apart from blocking sweat, killing body stench and staying fresh, a lot more can be done with the aromatic stick or gel. As compiled by Readers Digest and wewomen.com use this bathroom staple which is readily available in the market to its full capacity.

1. Silence a squeaky door

Over time door hinges loose lubrication and begin to make irritating squeaky sounds when friction takes place. Rub deodorant stick onto hinges which will provide a greasy layer and stop the hinges from making the squeaky sound every time you open or close the door.

2. Soothe insect bites

Insect bites, particularly mosquitos can sting and swell severely especially if you are allergic to them. The good news is deodorant spray or stick can act as a mosquito repellent if applied on to exposed body parts. In case of being bit, swipe onto a mosquito bite to reduce itching. The aluminum salts in the deodorant help stop pain and swelling.

3. Prevent blisters

Ill-fitting shoes can cause throbbing-pain mostly at the back of your ankle leading to a monstrous blister. Slide the gel around the sides and top of clean, dry feet before slipping on a new pair of shoes. The deodorant lubricates problem areas to reduce rubbing.

4. Freshen your closet

You don’t need a fancy fragrant sachet to keep your sock drawer smelling fresh. Put an open stick of deodorant in a small, mesh bag and place it in your drawer for a powerful potpourri.

5. Create matte cosmetics

Many of us suffer the wrath of oily skin especially when it creeps up after you have finished doing your make-up. Fret not ladies, using your finger, dab deodorant under eyes and along the T-zone (the part of your face consisting of the forehead, nose and the area around your mouth, including the chin) before applying makeup to resolve shiny skin.

 6. Keep feet odour-free

The reason behind smelly feet might be excessive perspiration. For odour-free feet, you have to minimise the sweating of your feet by always keep them dry. Apply a thin layer of clear deodorant to the bottoms of your feet before you go to bed at night for wetness and odor protection that lasts through the next day.

7. Slip into jeans

Sometimes fitting into your favourite pair of skinnies can be a task and a half. The solution is easy and does not require any weight-loss. Rub deodorant stick along your legs to easily slide into a tight pair of jeans or your fitted leather skirt.

8. Get rid of moist hands

Anxiety and edginess can cause the palm of your hands to sweat excessively. Some celebrities put deodorant on their hands to keep from sweating all over their fans and smell great at the same time. Rub a bit of deodorant on your palms to avoid nervous clam hands

9. Remove nail polish

Next time you’re in the mood to give yourself a home manicure but don’t have nail polish remover on hand, use a deodorant spray to remove nail colour instantly. First, soak your nails in warm water and then spray a few spritz of deodorant on cotton ball or folded up piece of tissue. Rub the deodorant on your nails and remove the polish.

10. Dry out a nasty zit

Following a simple trick will help you dry out those ugly pimples that keep spoiling your look now and then. Rub your deodorant on those facial eruptions before going to the bed and wake up with dried zits, however, only resort to this for an emergency situation.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 9th,  2015.

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