Ground breaking of Altaf Hussain University

Published: January 31, 2015
Altaf asserted that the AHU will not discriminate among its students on the basis of ethnicity, religion or sect. PHOTO: REUTERS

Altaf asserted that the AHU will not discriminate among its students on the basis of ethnicity, religion or sect. PHOTO: REUTERS

HYDERABAD: Thousands of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) supporters celebrated on the streets of Latifabad town in Hyderabad as Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad Khan and Bahria Town chief Malik Riaz performed the groundbreaking of Altaf Hussain University (AHU), a few kilometres away in the hilly Ganjo Takkar area on Friday.

MQM chief Altaf Hussain, in his telephonic address from London, congratulated the people of Hyderabad and thanked Malik Riaz and PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari for their support.

“Building a university in Hyderabad had become a political issue,” observed the governor who narrated how he and Malik Riaz decided to establish two AHUs in Hyderabad and Karachi, respectively.

“I found the governor very worried during a meeting where he told me about the upsetting remarks which an MPA made in the Sindh Assembly that a university in Hyderabad will not be established because only Urdu-speaking people will get education there,” recalled Riaz.

“I instantly agreed to build a university, met Zardari to discuss the proposal and he not only agreed but also advised me to name the varsity after Altaf Hussain and promised to provide free land for the varsity.”

Meanwhile, Altaf asserted that the AHU will not discriminate among its students on the basis of ethnicity, religion or sect. “Sindhis, Punjabis, Pathan, Seraiki, Hazara and the people of every other ethnic group or religion will get admission on the basis of merit,” he assured.

A plot of 80 acres has been purchased at the cost of Rs380 million from the Hyderabad Development Authority for the construction of the university, which, after its completion in two years, will offer education in business studies, pharmacy, information technology, mass communication and other subjects of social sciences. A model school will also be built on the AHU’s premises.

The MQM chief urged the government to increase the budget allocation for education to establish more universities and schools in the country. The tuition fees at the AHU will be parallel to that charged at public sector universities, and not more.

Hyderabad, a district with an estimated population of over 3 million, lacks a public sector university owing to the proximity of three government universities in neighbouring Jamshoro district. However, as the admission quota of these varsities is divided among 12 or more districts in Sindh, the share of Hyderabad does not correspond with the number of graduating college students.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 31st, 2015.

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Reader Comments (11)

  • Hassan Khan
    Jan 31, 2015 - 9:53AM

    Private universities created under the name of Altaf Hussain, are not cheap I saw the advertisement of Nazeer Hussain University, Its semester fees are like any other private university. The main need is to create more & more govt. Universities, offering great programs. Private universities may cater to the need of well-off & middle class but what about the lower middle class & poor. I hope so the parties stop doing politics on education and create world class university.


  • bahaha
    Jan 31, 2015 - 10:12AM

    No university should be named after an individual, more so contraversial persons like Bhai Saab here -even GIK in KP should be called Northern western University. It common sense.


  • Kaleem Ullah
    Jan 31, 2015 - 10:39AM

    This is an overhyped university, apparently trying to appease political masters and to promote business tycoons. Tired of its coverage on media since several weeks.


  • Karachite
    Jan 31, 2015 - 11:04AM

    Cant we name this University after someone who made a positive contribution to Pakistan.

    The only thing Altaf Hussain and MQM are known for is the destruction of Karachi, specifically:

    Ethnic Polarisation
    Target Killing
    Bhatta Mafia
    Land Grabbing
    Shutter Down Strikes
    No Go areas
    Wall Chalkings and Graffitti

    Can anyone point to anything positive associated with MQM to balance out the above perecption? Would be very happy to learn about it.


  • Pakistani
    Jan 31, 2015 - 11:05AM

    Simple question

    Were the lives of Karachi citizens better or worse prior to the MQM?


  • Khan Gul
    Jan 31, 2015 - 11:53AM

    With an abundance of low-standard universitites in Pakistan, the adition of one more is not such aserious affair.


  • Had enough
    Jan 31, 2015 - 12:37PM

    This country is unbelievable.

    A University being named after someone as destructive and devisive as Altaf Hussain.


  • Chachoo
    Jan 31, 2015 - 2:48PM

    The land where Pakistan is situated has produced two Noble Prize Winners. One is Haar Kobind Khorana and the other is Abdus Salam. But rather than celebrating them we are establishing universities on the name of Politicians.

    In KP Bacha Khan university, then SZABIST, in Multan Nawaz Sharif university of technology and then this one. But no university will ever be founded on the name of Abdus Salam and Haar Khorana because they were Non Muslims and they have no place in a Religious Bigoted country like Pakistan.


  • Neo
    Jan 31, 2015 - 3:17PM

    Yes agreed 100%. But it will offer specialized graduate and post graduate, and also doctorate(phd) degrees in Advance Bhatta khori technology, including new development. BBL degrees(Bori Band Lash), with post graduate option(How to make it look like an average murder). ATG(Advance Target Killing), with selective and optional between sectarian and linguistic killings. We all certainly need this kind of university.


  • Asad@NYC
    Jan 31, 2015 - 9:28PM

    Being an original Karachite, I would ask MQMers to first improve the standards in existing educational institutions such as NED and KU. They can simply do it by eradicating politics from those institutions. These institutions are functioning at a level way lower than when MQM did NOT exist – blame goes to MQM.


  • Hammad
    Feb 1, 2015 - 2:23AM

    asad being a karachiite you should know that portfolio of education ministry is not in MQM hands, secondly politics in universities has existed long before MQM was born esp MQM was born because of the prevailing student politics in karachi university, those karachiites who don’t know the history of karachi and don’t know the reality are lying that they are karachiites


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