IMF delays aid to Pakistan

Express April 22, 2010

ISLAMABAD: The International Monetary Fund has delayed the fifth installment of a $1.2 billion aid plan to Pakistan.

The IMF has also raised objections on Pakistan's Letter of Intent for the fifth installment. The letter was sent by Pakistan's representative to IMF Adnan Mazari to Paul Ross, who will be heading the upcoming IMF Review Mission to Pakistan.

Ross has raised objections and has said the decision taken by Prime Minister Gilani in the Energy Conference must be included in the letter.

High level officials say the IMF is pressurising the government to increase electricity prices by six percent from April as promised.


Wajaha ali shah | 12 years ago | Reply OH GOD: debtor nation or brave nation question arises here and the answer is yes offcourse debtor.We are the debtor since 1947 and this will keep going no one can take this identity from us anf if someones tries than our nation will start paying extra taxes start paying extra 1.19rs per 1 liter extra charges per 1 unit face the chalenges of the inflation who dares to take our identity we will show them no matters if poor people will die from hunger no matters if our our country have no money for runing the country wat happend nothing heres is a simple soulution IMF. wat will IMF do they will gives us a huge amount but before giving the amount our govt will show them tat how good they are going in incresing the prices look our cooperative our nation are they say nothing just pay it silently look oh God wat will happend to this nation my answer is nothing cause our nation become such a fimailair to these situations that they become habituals and no matters wat happens our nation will b ready for this.
Mushtaque Ahmed | 12 years ago | Reply Alas! We have been a debtor nation since 1947. A gift to the nation from all the past governments on cumulative basis. Government representatives in the past never appeared to look like serving a nation in debt. Today, the problem is more aggravated but selection of tie stands all the more bright. The alarm bell is yet to ring in Islamabad. What a shame! Unless we produce more and learn to spend less, IMF will keep pushing us to do more. The IPPs will gain as a result of the tariff increase. Who will fix the inefficiency of line losses, theft, corruption ? IMF should make a policy statement on the macro and micro problems. Just trimming the branch will not solve the root problems. The consumers should not be treated as a captive owl! I wish we could say, Go IMF, Go!
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