At least we are not Dubai (V)

April 21, 2010

KARACHI: George Fulton’s piece on Dubai was very good and well-written. All I can say is that Karachi too has its own oasis for the upper class. People from Bhains Colony or Machhar Colony feel the same way when they visit the other side of the Clifton Bridge as Mr Fulton felt when he was in Dubai.


nighat | 12 years ago | Reply related the this article by Geroge,all i can say is that every city has its up and downs. Dubai is a far better place then Pakistan in terms of safety,when our kids are gone out we dont have to worry about kidnapping or getting shot.Life is not about living in fear,as people in karachi do, but as MR. George is conceren,he might even be getting a far more better living there as he is a britisher. Talking about glittering life in Dubai, we dont have to follow,because i have seen people spending more on fahsion in karachi as we do here, so so much of this talk,i think this is article has some points which is not true.
Tania Saleem | 12 years ago | Reply First of all, how is george Fulton considered a journalist?? The last i remember he was discussing cookery & aerobics in a morning show on a satellite channel. where did he find time for journalism between all this? Good to know these are the standards of journalism our "free media" adheres to. Secondly, whatever problems dubai has - lack of justice, abuse of human rights, materialism - Pakistan has those problems too & at a much deeper level. So I really don't see why we should worry about dubai's lack of "soul" (whatever that means) & why it should even make us feel better. Just because we have poverty to the extent that people are selling our trash to feed themselves, doesn't necessarily mean we have "soul". It's called exploitation. & besides, if you don't like dubai - don't go there. But please don't use it as an excuse to feel better about pakistan.
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