Kareena's morphed photo used as warning against ‘love jihad’ campaign

Published: January 8, 2015
The text below the picture reads: “conversion of nationality through religious conversion”. PHOTO: hindustantimes.com

The text below the picture reads: “conversion of nationality through religious conversion”. PHOTO: hindustantimes.com

NEW DELHI: Vishva Hindu Parishad’s (VHP) young women’s wing Durga Vahin recently launched a campaign which aimed to ‘reconvert’ Hindu women who married Muslim men, claiming that the “ghar wapsi” campaign must address “love jihad,” Hindustan Times reported.  

A half niqab faced Kareena Kapoor was morphed on to the cover of the latest issue of Himalaya Dhwani, which was devoted to this theme. The text below the picture reads: “conversion of nationality through religious conversion.”

When questioned about why the film actor was used, northern India’s regional coordinator Rajni Thukral claimed “she is a celebrity. The youth try to emulate celebrities. They think if she can do so, why not us?”

“Sixteen Hindu women who married Muslim men posing as Hindus have approached us for ghar wapsi. We have already reconverted two. One has also been remarried,” Thukral told HT.

“There has been much debate on love jihad and conversions. The nation was divided and Pakistan was created because of conversions. If a girl gets caught in Love Jihad and becomes Muslim by mistake and now wants to return to her original faith, isn’t it her right? It’s strange that some parties claiming to be secular call this conversion,” she wrote in the editorial section of the magazine.

She claimed that “love jihad” was a “serious” issue in Himachal Pradesh adding that Vahini would be going to 3000 villages to apprise the state government of the large scale of “love jihad”.

Taking up the matter on a national level, a conclave was carried out in Madhya Pradesh with another one to be held in Delhi in early March Thukral informed.

Reacting to the cover, Saif Ali Khan told HT, “It’s ridiculous and not surprising… but these uneducated and bigoted ideas are the worst of India and condemning them is important”.

Within the VHP, women aged between 15 to 35 stay in Durga Vahini and are taught military-style combat a revisionist history that promotes Hindu supremacy; after which they join the VHP’s women’s wing Matr Shakti.

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Reader Comments (29)

  • Bob
    Jan 8, 2015 - 1:32PM

    It seems Modi is India’s “Zia Ul Haq”! Best of luck India and Get well soon.Recommend

  • Cynic Waheed
    Jan 8, 2015 - 1:38PM

    India is going to reverse gear! They will shoot themselves in the foot – seems like they havent learned from our experience! Pak needs to kick back, relax and watch it unfold! :)


  • Sohail
    Jan 8, 2015 - 1:51PM

    Lets just take a min and laugh hahahaha


  • hahaha
    Jan 8, 2015 - 1:56PM

    hahahahaha india going downhill :’)


  • harsh
    Jan 8, 2015 - 1:57PM

    pakistan doesnt need to lecture us on minorities, look at ur condition before commenting. No country is perfect but pak advising India on tolerance is ludicrousRecommend

  • wb
    Jan 8, 2015 - 2:00PM

    @Cynic Waheed:

    You both don’t know anything about India.

    Be prepared to be hopelessly disappointed.

    Keep watching.Recommend

  • anon
    Jan 8, 2015 - 2:13PM

    @Cynic Waheed

    Dont worry guys, nobody can match Pakistan…


  • Bewildered
    Jan 8, 2015 - 2:22PM

    This time Kareena, next time Ghauri (SRK’s wife). Hello Indians, what about Salman Khans sister recently wedded to a Hindu.


  • Bob
    Jan 8, 2015 - 2:43PM

    @Wb @anon

    it is called living in a fool’s paradise.

    Anyhow, we wish nothing as crazy happens to India with a population of more than a billion, as it will really be disastrous for the whole region.


  • Bewildered
    Jan 8, 2015 - 2:46PM

    Soon the world would be fighting against “Saffron Terrorism”.


  • wb
    Jan 8, 2015 - 3:30PM


    “it is called living in a fool’s paradise.”

    Fools paradise is what Qaid e Azam created.

    “Anyhow, we wish nothing as crazy happens to India with a population of more than a billion, as it will really be disastrous for the whole region. ”

    Well, your wish doesn’t count. We are a thriving country in every field and we’ll thrive whether you like it or not.

    Keep watching with envy.Recommend

  • Pity
    Jan 8, 2015 - 4:02PM

    Fool’s paradise or not, but Qaid-e-Azam created Pakistan and since 67 years it is difficult for India to accept this fact. Keep on thriving and keep on following the advice of Sakshi Maharaj.


  • Bob
    Jan 8, 2015 - 4:18PM


    You Sir are a very arrogant and rude personality. We by the Grace of Almighty, despite all the flaws are happy in our country. You will find no one in Pakistan willing to join or live in India.

    I have unfortunately been to Mumbai on an official visit through UN, sorry to say, people sleeping on streets, the slums and stink still mocks my nostrils, if you call this thriving then keep on doing so.

    This self obsessed delusion of grandeur will drag India into a darker dungeon, its better to wake up and call a spade a spade.



  • katua indian
    Jan 8, 2015 - 4:27PM

    I want to ask these people, what about Muslim women who married non-Muslims e.g: Nargis, Zarina Wahab, Farah Khan, Suzanne Khan, Rakshanda Khan, Dia Mirza……


  • AY
    Jan 8, 2015 - 4:30PM

    Oh ho! now all of a sudden the Indians who wont let go of a single incident are lecturing Pakistanis not to lecture them. Get over your infatuation over Pakistan combined with superiority complex. Its called bigotry. Indeed Modi is turning out to be Zia of India, he was supported by masses on promise of bringing about change to lives of average Indian, instead his cadre is busy implementing their version of religion on every one.

    India’s record against minorities isn’t any better than that of Pakistan, and in few cases even worst. So get off your high unicorn (no horses for you guys) and fight against such religio-fascists who will destroy your country, instead of lecturing Pakistanis. Sort your own mess Indians.


  • straightshooter
    Jan 8, 2015 - 5:23PM

    We’re not lecturing you…it’s called making fun of. Na nana na na. Now repeat it in your singsong accent ;-)

    So is this your comeback? Your comeback sounds more like a Zaid Hamid gem!! Oh the irony!!

    Somewhat noble of you to console your Indian compatriots. They, however, are inconsolable. Not ONE condemnation here from Indian trolls yet.


  • straightshooter
    Jan 8, 2015 - 5:33PM

    Guess the garden-variety Indian troll is more comfortable with Bollywood scenarios. That is, a Pakistani / Muslim girl marrying an Indian / Hindu boy. Anything vice versa is perceived as reality; therefore a threat. It is but a fact that this centuries-old preference can’t be altered for their comfort.


  • Naveed Sethi
    Jan 8, 2015 - 6:02PM

    I found not a single comment or statement that was worth reading. I have no idea what are we fighting for. The ladies who married and now changed their religion is their choice their will and its between them and Allah.

    India Pakistan why we can not live in peace. What ever Pakistan is facing or what ever is happening in Inida be it be poverty, injustice, or anything else (bad) that’s their own business. As being neighbours and as Independent States we both must respect each other soverignty.

    I am not a theorist nor a philosopher I just want to live in and with PEACE, RESPECT, HONOR and DIGNITY.

    I respect INDIA and I expect the same for my COUNTRY and myself and I am trying to make the people here to do the same as well.


  • Khan
    Jan 8, 2015 - 6:42PM

    Why the are the Indians here countering the comments? Why not what’s in the article?


  • Arshad Kamal Khan
    Jan 8, 2015 - 10:18PM

    Ghar wapsi is a kick on the face of India. It does not represent any of the ideals of India that has flourished since thousands of years. I am sure the Hindu community will be able to deal with it and not succumb. The genius of India will survive this attack of lunacy.


  • LS
    Jan 8, 2015 - 11:04PM

    Why should there be a condemnation when its a reality, it happens very frequently in UP/Bihar and Tamil Nadu ? I also recall there was lot hue and cry in Pakistan Media when Shabana was refused a flat in Mumbai.

    The reason people avoid giving flats is simple because if you sell a few flats then more start coming and then they start threatening other residents to sell their flat at considerably low price many of my co-workers had to sell their flats like this. so if you don’t know there is no need to comment…


  • abhi
    Jan 8, 2015 - 11:19PM

    To all those who are questioning Ghar Wapasi, my question is what’s wrong in it? If it is done without any force there is no harm. If people are free to convert, they should also be free to re-convert. Take example of Jemima, when she married Imran she took his last name. Now Imran has divorced her, what’s wonrg if she quits Islam?


  • mokun
    Jan 8, 2015 - 11:19PM

    The making of hindu- sharia, by which they are emulating the talibanisation, is something extremely depressing for an outside-living indian.The absurdity is that all of a sudden the status quo is changing the colour accordingly.
    All the hopes are getting shredded as they enjoy their smooth ride audaciously with no resistance from any corner.


  • ajeet
    Jan 9, 2015 - 2:09AM

    The VHP is right. When India becomes Muslim majority, there will be no notion of secularism or respect for other religions left. It will become another Pakistan


  • Yo2Da2
    Jan 9, 2015 - 7:15AM

    @Bewildered: You wish! By the way, most Indians including Hindus who immigrate to other countries and become citizens there are recognized for their loyalty to their adopted countries and the contributions they make as professionals. The difference in accomplishments (education, earning power, and contributions to adopted land) of Indian Muslim immigrants in Britain as opposed to Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslim immigrants is significantly better and admired. (Non-Muslim Indian immigrants do even better in the perceptions of natives as they do not bring the baggage of a historically hostile religion.) (You can Google a study that was done there.) Saffron terror exists only because of the Partition, the large Muslim population that couldn’t migrate even after a country for Indian Muslims was created, conflict over Kashmir, and other related Pakistan-India issues. It is not a global phenomenon like Islamic jihad which is fueled by peculiarities of Islam, Islamism and its adherents. In Hinduism and among Hindus, there is no such thing as primary loyalty to the Ummah as exists among many (but not all) Muslims and prevents them from fully assimilating in adopted lands. This has been seen all over the world and the French attacks yesterday, conducted by Paris-born Muslims of Algerian origin, simply reinforces that view. In my humble opinion, your fears are groundless.


  • Bewildered
    Jan 9, 2015 - 5:04PM


    “@Bewildered: You wish!”

    The following is said by none, but your Primer Minister, Narindra Modi:

    “We worship (elephant god) Lord Ganesha. There must have been some plastic surgeon at that time who got an elephant’s head on the body of a human being and began the practice of plastic surgery,” Modi said.

    And the Hindutva fascists trolling in the global cyberspace, and on ET pages as well, spewing venomous vitriol against Muslims and Islam and trying hard to deceive the world with cover up propaganda that Indians elected Modi, the murderer of over 2,000 innocent Muslims, not because of his ‘Hindutva’ ideals and his role in Muslims genocide, but because he was the only one in the whole 1.2 billion Indian population having the intelligence and wisdom needed to turn India’s fortunes. Only an absolute idiot and totally closed minded person with zero IQ level who is also blinded by the ingrained beliefs; notwithstanding how wrong and irrational they are; could have interpreted what Modi have said. This is the clearest proof how fanatic are Modi and his/Hindutva worshipers with their deep rooted religious prejudices that even fundamental facts don allow them to see what is right and what is wrong, and what is fact and what is fantasy. Then how can one expect them; who have been fed constantly since their childhood with the hatred for Muslims and Islam, and now in power and majority; would behave with sobriety and rationality and not use their newly found power against Muslims and Christians to further miserify their lives.


  • HZR
    Jan 9, 2015 - 9:49PM

    You will find no one in Pakistan willing to join or live in India. ..the feeling is mutual!


  • Yo2Da2
    Jan 10, 2015 - 12:21AM

    @Bewildered: Your reply reflects your aptly chosen handle. And talk about vitriol . . . .


  • Rajiv Baruah
    Jan 10, 2015 - 3:57PM

    Nothing illustrates the ignorance and moral bankruptcy of these lumpen elements, the foot soldiers of the Hindu religious right, that they are using a practicing Christian to represent a Hindu girl. Kareena’s mother Babita is the daughter of a Christian lady and a Hindu Sindhi man and has been a practicing Christian. Kareena follows her mother’s faith.


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