Govt will not take any extra-constitutional steps to set up military courts: PM

Nawaz says government is working within the ambit of the Constitution to implement National Action Plan

Web Desk December 31, 2014

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday said the government would not "think of doing anything extra-constitutional" to establish military courts. 

"All stakeholders unanimously agreed on the establishment of military courts," the prime minister said while addressing the Senate.

“The decision to make constitutional amendments lies with the Senate and the Lower House in the National Assembly,” Nawaz said, while emphasising that the power to pass laws and establish courts is the sole domain of the Senate and National Assembly.

“These decisions are not made by just one man,” he said.

“We are working within the ambit of the Constitution when taking these actions,” he said.

Further, the premier lauded the efforts of the Action Plan Committee for forming a National Action Plan in a timely manner, adding that the committee "spent 10 hours formulating the 20-point action plan, which all stakeholders agreed to."

"We are in a state of war," he said to the Senate, adding, "Is it not extraordinary that innocent children are shot at? That children's books are washed in their blood?"

"We will take revenge for the killings of the innocent school children," the prime minister said.

Nawaz further spoke about the role of the media in this "national issue", stating that the media should not glorify terrorism, but added that it should have freedom.

PM announces slash in prices of petroleum 

Shortly after addressing the Senate, the prime minister announced a reduction of Rs6.25 for the price of petrol.

He announced other price reductions as well, where high octane would be reduced by Rs14.14, kerosene would be reduced by Rs11.26, diesel for Rs7.86, light diesel oil Rs10.48.

He added that relief for the public since August 31, 2014 has amounted to Rs400 billion, whereas the revenue loss has been Rs68 billion.

The premier also said in the backdrop of losses, “there will be a 5% increase in the sale tax, which will make up for Rs17 billion in the next six months.”

However, Nawaz said there will be no sales tax on furnace oil as it is used for electricity.

“On September 1, 2014, the rate of furnace oil was Rs79,229 per ton and on January 1, 2015, it will be Rs43,015 per ton,” Nawaz said.


Parvez | 6 years ago | Reply

What the people fear is the end after much procrastination you will do nothing.....and even if you do something, you will ensure that the final result is ZERO. A clear the 14 murders by the police under government orders in Model Town Lahore.

Georgia Paki | 6 years ago | Reply

Long live NS. A true leader leading from the front.

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