Work on Lahore-Karachi motorway to begin soon: PM

The prime minister also announced a 20 percent increase in salaries of Motorway police

Web Desk December 30, 2014

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday said construction work for Karachi-Lahore motorway will begin soon , Express News reported.

Addressing the annual awards ceremony of National Highways and Motorways Police in Islamabad, Nawaz said more Motorways projects will be initiated in the country.

"The region will become the centre of economic activities due to Pak-China Economic Corridor project," said Nawaz, adding that it is a matter of great pride that the performance of Motorways and Highways police is being appreciated on the international level.

He said many programmes are being implemented from the school level to make the highways safe and to make the public aware in this regard. The PM also said he wants motorway police be more people friendly.

The premier directed for enhancing the efficiency of the organisation and recruitment of staff on need basis in a transparent manner. The prime minister also announced a 20 percent increase in salaries of Motorway police.

Nawaz Sharif also lauded the performance of Inspector General Motorways Police Zulfiqar Cheema.

Inspector General Motorway police Zulfiqar Cheema while highlighting the performance of Motorway Police said the organisation is a role model for other public sector institutions as it has the highest traditions of public service.


ishrat salim | 7 years ago | Reply

@Pakistani: to you & those who are in favor of such mega projects...yes! we do need these projects, but priorities need to be re-defined in the face of internal & external threats. Why Baluchistan is being neglected ? whatever Gen M is history, that is why we brought in a civilian govt & what did it do ? agree to make military courts, becasue they all agree that they have failed ( Politician failures + judiciary failures = Military Courts).Is this the solution ? Unless we get the grip of the militancy in Baluchistan & act of terrorism in rest of the country, how safe it will be to travel on these highways...see the conditions of the govt run schools & hospitals. Does it not need to be provided with funds to run it properly....what is the govt doing to broaden the tax base ? Why the provincial govt not taxing the agriculture sector ? why is it not taxing the stock market ? why is it not taxing the real estate sector ? what was the % of un-documented economy during Gen M period & what it is today ? & why has it increased during the past 5 years & 20 month ? each & every one is busy in looting & plundering the nation & people are forced to pay indirect tax...where & in which country pays such big amount of tax through indirect this not the responsibility of the govt to bring structural changes in the institution, so that the present system is over-hauled...we have proved more than once...we are an emotional nation. We bring in a leader with so much triumph & then get him out with shoes....the state of Pakistan suffers from " denialism", roughly defined as the tendency to reject & replace it with twisted logic - illumati, intel agencies, establishment, America, Jews etc; - so that on individual or collective level we can all absolve ourselves of responsibility for the plight of the blighted nation.... In absence & fear from accountability, we will continue to suffer...& the leaders / politicians / bureaucrats, judges etc; will never have a strong & independent accountability institution...because it will go against their freedom to loot & plunder. This is the reason, we read & see corruption in each & every dept & institution... So, to those friends who are justifying these mega projects to come to Pakistan & try to reason with the poor people who constitute the majority....

Abid Sohail Niazi | 7 years ago | Reply

I think u all people should consider any body for doing some thing. u guys are all narotic because you will never be happy for what ever the extent of effort there would be. Take it as a begning or a fresh start after a big change over more educated and efficient people will be there to solve ur problems. Be be awar of that ur problems will never end unless u finished your job here in this world. God bless u all

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