Army to assist all provinces in bid to root out terrorists: Nisar

Nisar says 10,000 army personnel will be deployed in provinces; urges provinces to impose Article 245

Web Desk December 24, 2014

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar -army will assist police in all provinces to root out terrorism in the country, while outlining the key points of the action plan committee to combat militancy in the country. 

"Police are not trained or equipped for counter-terrorism, and training the police will be time consuming. The army will support the police in the provincial governments," the interior minister said while addressing the National Action Plan Committee (NAPC) meeting.

Nisar also said that an estimated 10,000 army personnel will be deployed in all four provinces, but also stated that the army is "over exposed on borders, and more specifically in the war against terror".

Further, in regard to the deployment of the army personnel in provinces, the interior minister stressed the need for the requisitioning of Article 245.

"Letters have been written to three provinces in regard to this, and if there is no requisitioning under Article 245, the armed forces will withdraw," he said.

"The army is currently doing the work of the Rapid Response Force," he stated.

The interior minister also added that financing of terrorist organisations should be stopped, and said the Red Book "for the most wanted terrorists" needs to be updated regularly.

"There should be effective implementation of the ban on militant organisations and measures to ensure against their re-emergence in different names," Nisar said, listing yet another point.

"When one organisation is banned, it starts to work again with another name," he said.

Nisar added that there needs to be consensus between civil and military leadership in this regard.

The interior minister also spoke about the role of the media, stating that militants should "not be glorified".

"Their [militants'] statements and threats should not be run as breaking news, whether it is on the internet or in the media," he said. He also said it is crucial to regulated the distribution of explosive materials.


Gul | 8 years ago | Reply

The police in very well trained in Sindh , just take out the military and paramilitary forces and leave Sindh police to manage its affairs and develop its institutional [email protected]:

Gul | 8 years ago | Reply

Pakistan is virtually under military rule now. Establishment of Military courts. Abolition of moratorium on executions. Sending 10000 more military personnel to provinces. Creating 5000 strong new force of recently retired army personnel. Controlling media and Internet. Invoking of article 245. Senseless military assaults in which most of the victims are innocent civilians. Extra judicial killings. Rampant incidences of kidnapping, torturing and dumping of mutilated bodies of political activists. No control of civilian government in running the affairs of federal interior ministry. Dictating the three provinces to come under army control.

Wait and watch the more unfolding events.

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