Military, civilian experts to provide counter-terrorism recommendations to parliamentary committee

Interior minister conducts in-camera briefing about premier's visit to the GHQ earlier today

Zahid Gishkori December 19, 2014

ISLAMABAD: The parliamentary committee tasked to come up with a national action plan against militants decided on Friday to form a working group consisting of military and civilian experts to provide recommendation to counter terrorism.

The military and civilian leaders will form an action plan which will be then reviewed by the committee. After the committee approves the recommendations by the working group, the recommendations will be presented before Parliament.

At present, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar who chaired the committee, is conducting an in-camera briefing to committee about Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s visit to the General Headquarters to meet army chief General Raheel Sharif.

After Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s announcement to form a committee of all parliamentary groups for an anti-terror action plan in the wake of Tehreek-e-Taliban’s attack on an army-run school in Peshawar which killed 148 people, the lawmakers met for their first meeting today.

Earlier, the representatives of all major political parties discussed the possible national action plan in Parliament to counter terrorism.

“If we fail to act now, people of Pakistan will say either our leaders are incompetent or they are cowards. If we don't act, somebody else will, and we will all be irrelevant and instead of our vision of becoming an Asian Tiger, we will be considered as a paper tiger,” Senator Mushahid Hussain who is representing Pakistan Muslim League-Q in the committee said.

The following MPs are representing their parties to the committee: Dr Shireen Mazari, PTI, Federal Minister for Housing and Works Akram Durrani, JUI-F, Sahibzada Tariqullah, JI, Senator Rehman Malik and Qamar Zaman Kaira, PPP, Mahmood Khan Achakzai, PkMAP, Sheikh Rashid, AML, Anisa Zaib, PPP-Sherpao, Ijazul Haq, PML-Zia, Farooq Sattar and Senator Babar Khan Ghauri, MQM.

Officials of NACTA, intelligence agencies, ministries of defence and interior, military and National Crisis Management Cell are also participating in the meeting.

The meeting is being held in private with no media personnel allowed.


Justice for All? | 6 years ago | Reply

Playing with Nation. Might be the voice of a child who turned into a terrorist and then killed or hanged. Who turned a child into a terrorist? Who snatched pin and books from children, training them and given them guns to fight inside and cross the boarders, who has been using innocent kids for their agenda of strategic depth, occupation of states and establishing writ of the state? The ignoring fact of the brutal history. Why the fear of extremism and terrorism rises in Pakistan. Unfortunately there are many who highlighting the problems and crimes at the stage of its peak. But there is none who pen point the reason and real culprits behind the problems and crimes. There is none having vision, who observes the elements behind and till the truth or being silent. Whatever is going on in Pakistan it’s not the development of a day. But there is decades long old history that one must not ignore. The first thing terrorism doesn’t exist but it has been enforced through well planned propaganda and fake war on terror. Whose were and are so called Taliban or Terrorists; one must not ignore the history and the big, bigger, biggest player’s responsible behind. Remember for long Pakistan along with foreign support has destroyed the future and lives of millions of young; have first trained and equipped them, have been using them as non-state actors for long at various fronts; occupying Afghanistan, Kashmir and against Russia, US and at various other fronts. Further Pakistan for last 66 years and even until now has been engaged in establishing the State not the Nation. The Nation has been either ignored or their children have been used for own agenda; they never ever treated Nation like Nation. All the institutions were and are still engaged in unnecessary, fake and propaganda issues, good and bad taliban, ethnic distribution, divide and rule, competition for power, status and mutual enmity and violation of constitution and law. And all this has been done by the name of Nation or National Security and now using war on terror not for the welfare of the nation or national interest. If for decades such elements; injustices, race for power, money and status continue, where one can’t differentiate between the right and wrong, one can’t justice, feel safe and important. Where money, power and status are considering standards vs. dignity, truth, justice and humanity…then how can one aspect good well…but survival of the fattest. Pakistan in fact still immature, uncivilized and passing from primary evolution, it’s still needs years ahead to be consider a true civilized and mature State and Nation. Dictators for decades have suppressed and even now dominant over real democracy, still there is lack of trust among the institutions and lack of confident. If so called pillar of the state are weak enough and shrank even in 66 years of birth then how can be the Nation. Unfortunately Pakistan still needs decades to learn from history and still many kids have to be use and then named terrorists.

Peace | 6 years ago | Reply

It's simple pest control, only if our government is sane enough to understand. You don't only kill flying mosquitos. You clean up stagnant water and you flush the eggs and larva too. Everygoddamn Masjid or Madrassa needs to be watched. Record sermons, assess text books and curriculum. And arrest all hate preaching Mullahs. And on the other hand, introduce 'religious tolerance' in Islamic Studies. The syllabus should be based on ethical grounds.

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