New Zealand beat Pakistan and draw series 1-1

Published: December 5, 2014
Umar Akmal was bowled by James Neesham on 10 runs. PHOTO: AFP

Umar Akmal was bowled by James Neesham on 10 runs. PHOTO: AFP

Umar Akmal was bowled by James Neesham on 10 runs. PHOTO: AFP Hafeez was caught and bowled by Anton Devcich on 9. PHOTO: AFP Devcich was bowled by Hafeez. PHOTO: AFP Anton Devcich was the first man to fall for the Kiwis. PHOTO: AFP Pakistan once again won the toss and elected to field first. PHOTO: FILE/AFP

KARACHI: Pakistan won the toss and chose to field against New Zealand in the second T20 match against New Zealand in Dubai.

Pakistan won the first T20 by seven wickets courtesy wicketkeeper-batsman Sarfraz Ahmed’s unbeatebn 76.

Pakistan have made two changes to their winning team. Umar Gul and Ahmed Shehzad have been brought in to replace Muhammad Irfan and Awais Zia.

Meanwhile, NZ have made four changes to their team. Tom Latham, Kyle Mills, Daniel Vettori and DG Brownlie are in for Corey Anderson, Adam Milne, Mitchell McClenaghan.


Pakistan: Sarfraz Ahmed, Ahmed Shehzad, Muhammad Hafeez, Umar Akmal, Haris Sohail, Shahid Afridi, Saad Nasim, Anwar Ali, Sohail Tanvir, Raza Hasan, Umar Gul.

New Zealand: Kane Williamson, Anton Devcich, DG Brownlie, Ross Taylor, Tom Latham, Luke Ronchi, James Neesham, Nathan McCullum, Daniel Vettori, Kyle Mills, Matt Henry.


New Zealand beat Pakistan and draw the two-match T20 series 1-1


Pak 121-8 (19 overs)

Sohail lobs the fifth ball in the air. Anton Devcih is under it. He takes the catch and New Zealand beat Pakistan by 17 runs to draw the two-match series 1-1.

Sohail Tanvir hits a FOUR on the fourth ball.

Kyle Mills accounts for Umar Gul who goes for his trademark pull on the leg side but Ross Taylor is there on the boundary.

Pak 121-8 (18 overs)

Shahid Afridi is caught the keeper Luke Ronchi off James Neesham as he tries to pull a shorter delivery. He is amazed by the decision. Pakistan lose hope as Umar Gul walks in.

Pak 106-7 (17 overs)

OUT! Anwar Ali launches one in the air for the long-off fielder. Sohail Tanvir walks in for Pakistan to join his skipper Shahid Afridi.

Kyle Mills bowls the 17th.

Pak 98-6 (16 overs)

Umar Akmal hits him for a FOUR on the fourth ball and is BOWLED on the fifth. He walks down the pitch and completely misses a straight delivery. The match is going out of the hands of Pakistan. Only an Afridi miracle can save it now.

James Neesham bowls!

Pak 91-5 (15 overs)

BOWLED! Daniel Vettori cleans up Ahmed Shehzad as he goes for a slog sweep but Shahid Afridi avenges his team’s opener with two SIXES of the over.

Pak 74-4 (14 overs)

Nathan McCullum goes for three.

Pak 71-4 (13 overs)

Anton Devcich bowls his last over. Goes for five runs.

Pak 66-4 (12 overs)

OUT! Saad Nasim (19) hits it directly into the hands of Dean Brownlie at cover. Umar Akmal walks in for Pakistan.

James Neesham is brought on to bowl.

Pak 62-3 (11 overs)

Daniel Vettori goes for five runs in the 11th.

Pak 57-3 (10 overs)

Nathan McCullum goes for five runs.

Pak 52-3 (9 overs)

A FOUR by Ahmed Shehzad and three SINGLES of Daniel Vettori.

Pak 45-3 (8 overs)

Eight runs of Nathan McCullum. No boundaries.

Pak 37-3 (7 overs)

Five SINGLES of Anton Devcich.

Pak 32-3 (6 overs)

Saad Nasim hits Kyle Mills for a SIX on the fourth ball of the over. Eight of the over.

Pak 24-3 (5 overs)

Matt Henry bags Haris Sohail (3) who tries to go big on the leg side. Goes for only two runs.

Pak 22-2 (4 overs)

Kyle Mills goes for four runs in the fourth over.

Pak 18-2 (3 overs)

Anton Devcich bags Muhammad Hafeez’s wicket. Caught and bowled on 9. Haris Sohail is in.

Pak 15-1 (2 overs)

Three FOURS by Muhammad Hafeez on the third, fourth and fifth balls.

Matt Henry in for the second.

Pak 3-1 (1 over)

LBW! Sarfraz Ahmed caught in front of the wicket. Replay show the ball would have missed the wickets by a mile. Muhammad Hafeez is in early to joing Shehzad.

Sarfraz Ahmed and Ahmed Shehzad start the chase for Pakistan. Anton Devcich bowls the first over.


Pakistan need 145 runs to win the match and the series


NZ 144-7 (20 overs)

Kyle Mills to face the last delivery and he hits it for a FOUR. NZ end on a high note.

Four SINGLES on four balls.

RUN OUT! Nathan McCullum hits towards mid-wicket and tries to steal a second but is well short of his crease. He goes for four runs. Sohail Tanvir starts an eventful over.

NZ 135-7 (19 overs)

BOWLED! Daniel Vettori moves toward the offside to flip it towards unguarded fine-leg boundary but misses the ball. Umar Gul is a happy man.

Umar Gul!

NZ 127-6 (18 overs)

Sohail Tanvir goes for a FOUR on the second last delivery as Luke Ronchi misses the ball which takes an inside edge and goes to the fine leg boundary. He romps the next ball in the air for Ahmed Shehzad to catch at long-on.

NZ 117-5 (17 overs)

OUT! Tom Latham lobs one for the mid-off fielder Anwar Ali. Umar Gul has his first wicket. It came after a very long wait!

Umar Gul with his yorkers.

NZ 113-4 (16 overs)

TWO SIXES! Luke Ronchi slams Afridi over long-off and then long-on on the fourth and fifth deliveries. A bad end to a good spell.

Shahid Afridi with his last over.

NZ 93-4 (15 overs)

FOUR on the fourth ball of the over by Tom Latham.

Raza Hasan in for the 15th over.

NZ 85-4 (14 overs)

Shahid Afridi bowls the 14th over for seven runs. No boundary.

NZ 78-4 (13 overs)

OUT! Ross Taylor tries to sweep and the ball hits the pad right in front of the wickets. No doubt abt that decision. Wicketkeeper bastman Luke Ronchi is in to assist Tom Latham.

Raza Hasan for the 13th.

NZ 76-3 (12 overs)

2,1,1,4,2,4 story of Hafeez’s over. Tom Latham the boundary scorer.

Muhammad Hafeez bowls the 12th over.

NZ 62-3 (11 overs)

Umar Gul bowls the 11th over for just four runs.

NZ 58-3 (10 overs)

BOWLED! Afridi bowls a sliding delivery. Kane Williamson is left undecided and looks helplessly at the rattled stumps. Pakistan are back in the game. Ross Taylor and NZ’s Test star Tom Latham are on the pitch.

Afridi bowls the 10th.

NZ 55-2 (9 overs)

Raza Hasan bowls the 9th over for just three runs

NZ 52-2 (8 overs)

LBW! Afridi strikes on the third ball of the over. Dean Brownlie goes for a duck. Ross Taylor joins the skipper Kane Williamson.

Afridi brings himself into the attack.

NZ 49-1 (7 overs)

BOWLED! Anton Devcich moves back to cut and misses the ball. He goes for 21. Dean Brownlie is in with a best T20 score of 5.

Muhammad Hafeez brought into the attack for the 7th over.

NZ 43-0 (6 overs)

Two boundaries on the first and fifth ball of the over by Anton Devcich.

Raza Hasan brought on by Afridi for the 6th over.

NZ 32-0 (5 overs)

4,0,4,0,0,0 the story of Gul’s first over after the World T20. Kane Williamson the scorer.

Umar Gul is brought on by Shahid Afridi.

NZ 24-0 (4 overs)

FOUR! Anton Devcich pulls one towards the long-on boundary on the last ball.

Sohail Tanvir bowls the 4th.

NZ 15-0 (3 overs)

FOUR and a SIX by Kane Williamson on the second and third balls.

Anwar Ali in for the third over.

NZ 3-0 (2 overs)

Just two singles of the over.

Sohail Tanvir in for the second over of the match.

NZ 1-0 (1 over)

Just a single on the third ball of the over.

Anwar Ali bowls the first over for Pakistan. Kane Williamson and Anton Devcich open for NZ in the second T20.

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