Blasphemy laws being misused: Asma Jahangir

SCBA president says blasphemy laws are being misused in Pakistan, death penalty should be abolished.

November 21, 2010

ISLAMABAD: President of the Supreme Court Bar Association Asma Jahangir has said that the blasphemy laws are being misused in the country.

Her remarks come at a time when the Lahore High Court has sentenced the Christian mother of five, Aasia Bibi to death for blasphemy, under the controversial section 295-C of Pakistan’s Penal Code.

Talking to media in London she said that the death penalty should be abolished from the country. She also said that such cases should be heard by the High Court. Asma Jahangir further said that changes should be made in the rules of death penalties.

She expressed her discontent with the performance of the government and said that the Army Chief should not have been given extension.

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Muhammad Faisal | 10 years ago | Reply Well She has done disgrace to our Prophet(Muhammad S.A.W.W).. we can tolerate everything but this. Please all those non Muslim people if you don't care about the dignity of your Prophets and religion then its not our fault... because we do care about Prophet and Religion. So the simplicity is as simple as this... please shout out for the innocent Muslims being tortured, murdered, disgraced and exploited everyday in IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN and many other areas... well non Muslims like Christian Americans, British doing all this to Muslims with out a Court and Law... still Pakistani Court have done something within Law and in Court. If she were innocent then she would have been released.. but she wasn't so there she go.
Anthony | 10 years ago | Reply @Uzma Barry. Have you ever been to the States and had this happen? If so are you a wanted criminal..Probably something this mother isn't! Many, many people from Pakistan come to this Country and are living in peace, prosperity, and wouldn't return to Pakistan if you "paid" them....Why? Because of this insane law. You will kill a mother of 5 are afraid. But of what? I know that people have come here and have not been treated with anything except dignity if indeed they are decent people. And my definition is certainly far from yours I would imagine, because mine would never allow the murder of a woman with 5 children unless she committed the unforgivable, which of course is murder. Allah WOULD NOT sanction this! And you have no idea of what you are talking about. If you did you would know how many Pakistanis we have here who own businesses, who are happy and free....from your backward ridiculous superstitious mind. to think that a mother of 5 is a threat to Allah is just so ridiculous as to make you laughable! I am sorry, I do not like harsh words, but take a look at what you are doing please. I appeal to all in Pakistan to let this woman go back to her home and live her life without terror, in freedom..or would you rather one day face the same from Allah..because you will.
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