India should use resources to fight against poverty, not against Pakistan: JI

JI chief says his party has resumed efforts to build a nation which has no secular differences

Ali Usman November 23, 2014
India should use resources to fight against poverty, not against Pakistan: JI

LAHORE: Addressing the concluding session of a three-day Ijtimah of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) at Minar-e-Pakistan, JI Chief Siraul Haq said that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi should use his country's resources of to eradicate poverty and hunger in India and not on fighting against Pakistan. 

“If Mr Modi wants to wage a war with Pakistan, he should know that Pakistan could repeat the history of Badr and Hunain, with India suffering huge losses," he said.

Talking to hundreds of members of minority communities, Haq announced that the JI has decided to resume efforts of building a nation which has no secular differences and one that can live up to the dreams of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

The JI chief also reiterated he would bring Dr Afia Siddiqi back from United States, when his party will come to power.

“We will bring back Afia Siddiqi to Pakistan under the same law that let Raymond Davis to go back to his country," the chief said.

Haq said the rulers of Pakistan would have to decide whether they are the slaves of Obama or Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and that they will have to choose between Washington and Madina.

The JI chief went on to say that the US should stop interfering in the affairs of the country.

Referring to the incumbent government, he stressed that the hypocrisy of the rulers would not be tolerated and if the rulers loved American culture, they should leave the country and spare the nation.


Architect | 9 years ago | Reply

You may not agree with his ideology.. but he is emerging as a people's leader. I don't follow his ideology but I've heard his opponents praising him for his hard work & honesty as a finance minister in KPK govt. He may looks like a mullah to u ppl but he has a Masters degree in political science. He lives among the people. His own house is a two rooms brick house with no plaster. He is son of a poor labour. He had opened schools in his constituency for both girls & boys. I've heard that he had been seen using public transports several times. I read in a newspaper column that one time on a 3 days official visit to Islamabad as a financial minister of KPK, he spent only 800 rupees (travel & stay included). I have researched on him & now I am starting to like him.. Just listen to him, u may not agree with his ideology and I bet u will like him too. Bcoz he is a true man.

ak | 9 years ago | Reply

@Arjun : per capita income in itself is not indication of country's potential.There are many other indicators (like gdp, growth rate of diff sectors, literacy, research, job generation, entrepreneurship, no of graduates, standard of education, technical as well s soft skills, presence of nationals in imp tech/sc fields/organizations). When these indicators are looked in conjugation , thast might give you an idea of country's outlook for future. To be honest (and i am not gloating), India dies have its problem but has good resource pool and smart people with some conducive atmosphere.We do have problems galore, but with some effort can really make a good progress.

While Pakistan , there not so much hope if there is no internal churning. haven't heard any strong voice coming and asking for it. They are still gung ho about Afia siddiqui and Taseer's killer. Rabbani Khar says in Nepal that Pakistan is for Muslims only, and she doesn't care about minorities.Pakistan's image in world is damaged irreparably @Sexton Blake: You do know its "%". India has a much bigger population, and number of entrepreneurs and self made rich people are growing very fast. The new upper middle class is one of the faster rising in the world. We do have problems, but we are aware of it. Please dont compare India with Pakistan, not because I think india is superior, but because i think Pakistan is still not there to be compared with any developing nation. Look within as your country has some serious problem and very few people want to find a solution for that

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