Pakistani among those arrested in Germany on suspicion of supporting IS

Prosecutors say Mirza Taimoor arrested on suspicion that he smuggled two fighters from Germany to Syria

Reuters November 12, 2014

BERLIN: German police arrested several men, including a Pakistani man, suspected of supporting militant groups, including Islamic State, and raided numerous properties in a large operation against alleged radicals, federal prosecutors said on Wednesday.

Some 240 police officers took part in the sweep, which targeted a network believed to support Islamists in Syria.

A 58-year-old Pakistani man, Mirza Tamoor B, was arrested on suspicion that he smuggled two fighters from Germany to Syria, while a 31-year-old German, Kais BO, was detained on suspicion of recruiting three other potential jihadists and helping them to travel to Syria, prosecutors said.

The two are also believed to have sent more than $3,700 to support IS and other radical groups.

According to prosecutors in Cologne, a further seven German citizens, aged between 22 and 35, were arrested on suspicion of robbing churches and schools to provide money for militants.

The raids targeted dozens of properties in several cities across North Rhine-Westphalia and police were investigating a further 20 suspected members of the network, they said.

Some of the suspects were also being investigated for procuring false passports for potential jihadists who wanted to travel to Syria, the local prosecutors added.

As with other western European countries, Germany is struggling to stop the radicalisation of young Muslims, some of whom want to become jihadists in Syria or Iraq.

Officials also worry that they might return to plot attacks on home soil. German intelligence authorities estimate at least 450 people have left Germany for Syria and around 150 have returned. Many are being criminally investigated.


sahib2 | 7 years ago | Reply

Agreed and they should also add in the affidavit that they will obey all country's law and will not ask any special accomodation based on thier religios believes.

Sahib | 7 years ago | Reply

I have lived my life in Germany and believe me recently i have met many Pakistanis or Pakistani origin people who have astonishingly high rate of radical and extremist thoughts. Same is the case with Afghans whereas Iranis are the most progressive here. Even among the community you can find many who openly support the discriminatory laws against minorities in Pakistan. And yes i am talking about highly educated folks as well.

I hope Germany will ban and will force every Pakistani who want to immigrate to Germany to sign an Affidavit where he should agree that Every Human being is equal and no discrimination should be allowed with anyone on the basis of race, color , creed and religion. Anyone who dont agree with such basic facts should be deported back to the land of the pure on the next flight. Sorry I am a Pakistani but i am a citizen of the global world and i left my country because of this bias and extremism and atleast i could not allow that to open to see the same drama in my new adopted land.

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