JI chief's death sentence: Bangladesh govt hell bent on opening old wounds, says Nisar

Interior minister says govtt of Bangladesh has misused the process of law as a political tool against the JI leader

Web Desk November 01, 2014

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar on Saturday expressed his concern and reservation over Bangladesh awarding death penalty to Jamaat-e-Islami chief Motiur Rahman Nizami.

“Though what happens in Bangladesh is that country’s internal matter, yet Pakistan cannot remain divorced from references to 1971 and its aftermath,” Nisar said.

“It is highly unfortunate that almost 45 years after those tragic chain of events, the Bangladeshi government still seems to be living in the past and totally ignoring the time tested virtue of forgive and forget,” the interior minister lamented.

Nisar said he was perplexed over why Bangladesh remains hell bent upon digging up the graves of the past and reopening old wounds.

The interior minister underlined that the recent events in Bangladesh are a manifestation of serious political violations, which are being inflicted on JI Bangladesh for events before the independence of Bangladesh.

Nisar maintained that he was deeply saddened to receive this shocking news.

“The government of Bangladesh has misused the process of law as a political tool against the JI leader,” he upheld.

On October 29, Bangladesh’s war crimes tribunal sentenced the chief of JI Bangladesh to death  for crimes against humanity, including genocide, torture and rape, during the 1971 war.


Ahsan Abdullah | 6 years ago | Reply

@Musafir: And I am old enough to remember clearly the events from the 1950's, as a young student, not just 1971. I remember general Mirza and his intrigues. I remember how he crushed the language movement in East Pakistan and the text of his speech in Bengali, his mother tongue, and how he created the military establishment, all this as an insider, not a foreigner receiving filtered news.

Musafir | 6 years ago | Reply

@ Ahsan Abdullah: I did not post any vitriol. I was old enough to remember vividly the entire 14 days of 1971 war from Dec. 3 through Dec. 17 living as a young boy in India's second largest city with military hardware manufacturing complex. Dear Brother, I am neither trying to be clever nor vitriolic. I know history and I lived through it and remember it well. I remember the millions of rapes, murders, killings, injuring and millions of East Pakistanis coming in to India to take refuge and I remember the special postage stamp that India issued to pay for the Bengali refugee crisis. Out of love and out of absolute brotherly care for you, I exhort you to read about the history of 1971, rigged elections in which Mujib won 160 out 162 seats and Mr. Bhutto a lost less, (around 8 or so in the NA) yet Mujib was denied to form a government in Islamabad and Bhutto became PM, the murders and rapes by the Pakistani Army against its own citizens of East Pak but they were Bengalis, the surrender of 90+ thousand Pakistani soldiers that every Indian of 12 years or older remembers through newspapers, radios, and magazines. Please try and read the history yourself not from a Pakistani source but from a third party source and you will know more about 1971 and how and why was Bangladesh born.

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