Qadri ends Islamabad sit-in, to hold demos in different parts of the country

Instead of a single sit-in, PAT will stage protests across the country, a schedule for which was also announced

Web Desk October 21, 2014

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief Dr Tahirul Qadri on Tuesday announced that he was ending sit-in at D-Chowk in the federal capital, Express News reported.

While addressing the sit-in participants on Tuesday, Qadri said the sit-in had turned into a revolution, and now there will be sit-ins across the country.

“The participants should pack their bags, return to their homes,” he said.

A schedule for PAT protest sit-ins was also announced.

On October 23, Qadri will travel to Abbottabad to hold a protest demonstration. In Bhakkar on November 23. A rally will be held in Sialkot on December 14 while another protest will be organised at Karachi’s Mazar-e-Quaid on December 25.

Qadri, along with his allied parties on Monday had decided to not hold rallies during the month of Muharram.

Sit-in did not fail

Qadri, while talking to Express News, dispelled the impression that his sit-in had failed.

“We did not fail,” he said. “All our demands were not met and neither did we back down, as we did not want to make a deal with the government.”

He added that a deadlock between PAT and government persisted as both the parties were not willing to withdraw any of their demands.

“We had our reservations about government, and we could not step back from our demand of resignations of the PM and CM Punjab.”

Qadri claimed that their sit-in had managed to spread their message among the public.

“In the joint session of Parliament, every party criticised the government, yet stood with the PML-N for the sake of democracy.”

When asked if he had consulted the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf over his decision to end his sit-in, he said, “We did not consult with them today but they knew that our plan to wind up the sit-in was in the making.”

He added that there was no conflict between PAT and PTI.

The PAT chief added that his struggle for change in government and the system will continue through the power of vote and Constitution.

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Ali | 5 years ago | Reply | Recommend

Correct to humza - The container was far from luxurious as it only has basic necessities (as pointed out by several anchors who have been in the container). Daily wages were paid to people as living expenses which is a solid model for sustaining a dharna so I really dont see a problem?

Where his funds come from: Recall the FIA tried to press charges against PAT and Minhaj Group for tax evasion and laundering ... in september. Remember these were politically motivated decisions by the govt to get the FIA to blackmail or exposed TuQ. End result.. FIA found nothing .. His donations are coming from overseas pakistanis mainly anyways.

If anyone is an "agent" of usa uk saudia etc etc .. its the current government .. as no foreign media really promoted or reported this amazing historic protest movement. USA even came to rescue of PMLN saying we support democractic process (sham laughable democracy)

TuQ most certainly will have to go abroad to thank the overseas people who assisted him in his funding. But he has announced future strategy as well so dont freak out and say he has run off.

And lastly - What has he achieved? Perhaps nothing to those who drive cards, get paychecks, can afford basic necessities and luxuries of life. He has not achieved anything for the people in Isb who couldnt go to restaurants or had to take detours. He has not achieved anything for those who dont have to worry where the next meal comes from. No TuQ has not achieved anything. Why? Because the problems he talks about are not our problems but the poor people's problems.. He just got in our way of life.

Humza | 5 years ago | Reply | Recommend

@Mahmood: What are you talking about. Tahirul Qadri was in a luxury container while his followers were left out in the cold after having their ID cards snatched away and getting paid a paltry daily sum of a few hundred rupees. This man has endless ambition but no platform. He had better join his family back in Canada before winter comes. He is nothing but an embarrassment to see some out of country Mullah fly in to cause disturbances, waste money and fly off again. When he is back in Canada some protesters should line up outside his house to demand that he resign his asylum claim and citizenship!

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