Airspace violation: NATO helicopters enter Pakistan near Torkham border

A gunship helicopter reportedly entered Pakistani territory and hovered for around 10 minutes

Our Correspondent October 15, 2014

PESHAWAR: A Nato helicopter violated Pakistani airspace near the Torkham border in the Khyber Agency, officials told The Express Tribune on Wednesday.

Tribal sources said that a Nato helicopter entered Pakistani territory at around 11 am and hovered in the air for a couple of minutes.

An official statement is yet to be issued. Furthermore, civil officials of the political administration of the Khyber Agency have also refused to comment on the issue.

Some security agencies, while contradicting such reports, said that Nato forces are engaged in military action across the border, stressing that their action is confined to Afghan territories.


Azi | 7 years ago | Reply

@Sexton Blake:

Believe it or not, even sophisticated military controls can sometimes malfunction. Some examples are Indian Jets flying in, they dont have enough courage to come inside and wont do so without a real technical fault. Another example is the many friendly fire cases by US and Coalition in Iraq/ Afghan on themselves. They use very special softwares like "Landwarrior", "Ad Hoc" etc that constantly keep track of and notify anyone near by the location of friendlies. In short, MUCH more sophisticated than your automobile navigation. Now add human error in the mix and you can easily have someone go off course.

But even having said all that, there still isnt a real reason to be mad because the intrusion was unintended, no one was attacked.

Or if there was a real reason of them coming in, they were most probably after fleeing Taliban, whats your problem with that then? We are then pretty much fighting a common enemy. Real intrusions are drones for which nothing has been done as of yet, why this particular case is getting on your nerves?

People just have an over bloated case of ego that needs to simmer down.

numbersnumbers | 7 years ago | Reply

@Sexton Blake: BTW, how many pakistani women and children have been killed by your beloved TTP "thugs" over the last decade, while you have NEVER condemned them for the slaughter of near 30,000 Pakistanis!!!'

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