Love is timeless, Rekha’s little secret

Published: October 10, 2014
She wakes up early, eats well and doesn’t consume tea or coffee. PHOTO: FILE

She wakes up early, eats well and doesn’t consume tea or coffee. PHOTO: FILE


Her radiant beauty and graceful demeanour have for years made her fans wonder what she eats to look the way she does. Its love, says Rekha, who will be seen on the silver screen as Super Naani soon.

“I consume love,” the actor said in a radio interview.

“I think this is because before my parents gave birth to me, they were completely in love. They consumed a lot of love. So that’s what is in my DNA now and that is what I consume and feel”.

“And with each moment love generates, like when you wake up in the morning and brush your teeth, for me when I just open my eyes, all I feel is love in my heart, mind and my subconscious,” said the ageless diva.

Rekha believes love has a childlike innocence, “it is something that you can express only for God or for one’s mother and not even a lover,” she said.

Apart from love, she also believes that a person’s beauty emerges from one’s “spiritual self”.

“You use a lot of make-up or use the latest shade of lipstick or eye-shadow or if you wash your hair with thousand different types of shampoos or use oil to make it shine, but until your spirit is not clean, your upbringing, your thoughts, your behaviour is not right, it doesn’t matter”.

She says her mother taught her to never focus on the negative.

“It became a part of my nature. If I see a certain fault in people, I know there will be more faults in me as well. I’d rather focus on how I should work on my faults. So its no rocket science that you need to be pure from your soul and positive in your thoughts,” she said.

There’s definitely more that she does beyond her thoughts and spiritualism. She wakes up early, eats well and doesn’t consume tea or coffee.

When asked as to who inculcated these habits in her, Rekha said, “I think it is to do with being a South Indian. Although I don’t drink coffee myself. Neither do I have tea, aerated waters or alcohol, not even champagne. So it is a very boring life.” As far as eating is concerned, she likes to keep herself nourished with large amounts of proteins, “I am a vegetarian, an eggetarian rather… because of its proteins. So it has been like a habit since childhood that has worked for me. I have made it a rule in life and live by it”.  

Published in The Express Tribune, October 11th, 2014.

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