Eidul Azha to fall on Oct 6

Published: September 25, 2014
Eidul Azha will be on October 6 in the country. PHOTO: STOCK IMAGE

Eidul Azha will be on October 6 in the country. PHOTO: STOCK IMAGE

KARACHI: The Zil Haj moon has not been sighted in the country, meaning Eidul Azha will be celebrated on October 6, next Monday, Express News reported.

The various zonal Ruet-e-Hilal committees had convened a meeting to sight the moon in major cities of the country, while the Central Ruet-e-Hilal committee meeting was held at the Meteorological office in Karachi.

On September 24, Saudi Arabia announced that the Zil Hajj moon had been sighted and Eidul Azha would be celebrated in the kingdom on Saturday, October 4. Accordingly, the Day of Arafat would fall on October 3.

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Reader Comments (14)

  • Lion King
    Sep 25, 2014 - 7:51PM

    Last month no Peshawar Maulvi told us whether they saw or not the moon of Zeaqad. How come they suddenly bang into action only for Ramaazan and Eids !!???


  • Ch. Allah Daad
    Sep 25, 2014 - 7:57PM

    Eidul Azha is next day of Haj. The Haj is on Friday, therefore Eid should be celebrated on Saturday or in Pakistan we are performing Haj on Sunday.


  • Dajjal
    Sep 25, 2014 - 8:10PM

    All the members of Ruet-e-Hilal committee unanimously agreed that Eid cant possibly fall on Saturday or Sunday… that would ruin the 3 day holiday… and that’s not the kind of sacrifice we are willing to make…


  • Gul
    Sep 25, 2014 - 9:08PM

    Eid will be celebrated on Saturday in the Afpak region with the rest of the world!


  • Salim
    Sep 25, 2014 - 9:10PM

    On this auspicious occasion occasion we should declear whole of Sindh as “mini Pakistan”
    encoraging the homeless flood affecties and IDPS from tribal area to find shelter in Sindh on humanatarian grounds.


  • AZ
    Sep 25, 2014 - 9:13PM

    @Ch. Allah Daad: Ch Sb great argument. Why don’t you offer all prayers with Saudi time.
    Its simply mean that month of Ramazan was not observed in its corrects dates.


  • MK
    Sep 25, 2014 - 9:58PM

    @Ch. Allah Daad:

    Based on scientific facts, there was no chance of moonsighting anywhere in the world except Polynesian Islands on 24th of Sep. Saudi rule states that, if moon was not sighted there locally, they will wait till Fajr time and see if any country reports an authentic sighting in the west of Saudi Arabia. That gives them 10 hours 40 mins window from sunset (Makkah Time). Polynesian Islands have a time difference more than that. So, by the time anyone saw the moon in Polynesia, it was already Fajr of next day in Saudi Arabia. They should have waited and celebrated Eid on same day as Pakistan, but they usually go contrary to science (and their own rule in this case).

    Plus people do not perform Hajj in Pakistan last time I checked. So Eid in Pakistan would be according to local moonsighting. Eid after Hajj only applies to Saudi Arabia, and timing of Hajj depends on their own moon sighting (or rules). So Eid can be on different days in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.


  • Saad
    Sep 25, 2014 - 10:32PM

    Complete Mockery of the Sacred Worship of Muslims. OneUmmahOneMoonOneEid


  • Don
    Sep 25, 2014 - 10:39PM

    I dont remember when the last time they saw the moon. This is year 2014 and poor us muslims cant find the moon. I dont know when and why did the Molvis become incharge of Astronomy. Pitty, sad and funny for the entire muslim nation.


  • Mamoon Lodhi
    Sep 25, 2014 - 10:58PM

    Just wondering why mufti Popalzai of Qasim Ali mosque never sees Zilhaj moon in advance like ramadan/shawal.


  • Raana Malik
    Sep 25, 2014 - 11:25PM

    Totally agree with Saad and Ch Allh Daad – Eid is next day of Haj – maybe Pakistanis and other sects that celebrate other days should have separate Haj as well. No unity in Muslims that’s why we have so many problems


  • Baba Ji
    Sep 25, 2014 - 11:29PM

    Have our Pakhtoon bhai-s agreed ?


  • intellectual.pseudo
    Sep 26, 2014 - 1:33AM

    @Saad: Where does it say one ummah one moon one eid? Lol where did you bring this from?


  • Adnan Chughtai
    Sep 26, 2014 - 8:42AM

    Its not next Monday!

    Its Monday after the next Monday!


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