House raided in Quetta does not belong to Shahzain Bugti, says CCPO Quetta

Shahzain Bugti also denies the raid, says his house was only 'surrounded' by security forces

Shezad Baloch September 24, 2014

QUETTA: A massive search operation carried out by security forces Wednesday morning did not target Shahzain Bugti, the Provincial chief of Jhamoori Waten Party (JWP) and grandson of late Nawab Akbar Bugti, said the Capital City Police Officer  Quetta, Abdul Razaq Cheema.

The Quetta police chief while addressing a news conference said the police did not break into Shahzain’s house, and were still investigating the ownership of the house raided in the morning.

“Three suspects were arrested from the under construction house, and we are still investigating the ownership of the house,” he said.

Cheema added that suspects detained were also thought to be involved in the recent bombing in Satellite Town, which killed three people and wounded more than 20.

“The terrorists who dumped these explosives and arms are responsible for targeted killings, bombing and other crimes in the city.”

Earlier, it was reported that security agencies had raided the residence of Nawabzada Shahzain Bugti.

Shahzain Bugti also denied any raid at his residence, saying his house was only "besieged" by security forces.

Quetta Capital City Police Officer Abdul Razaq Cheema displays arms and ammunition recovered from a residence on New Algilani Road of Quetta. PHOTO: BANARAS KHAN/ EXPRESS

“The security forces laid a siege around my residence in Quetta from 12am until 6am. The forces had not entered inside my house and went back.  But the law enforcing agencies are now claiming that they recovered explosives,” Shahzain Bugti told The Express Tribune.

“I was arrested along with my guards in 2010 while coming to Quetta from Chaman. We did not have illegal weapons but FC officials displayed a huge quantity of arms and ammunition to implicate me in false charges. I was granted bail in 28 days. Later again I was arrested and again superior court granted me bail,” said Shahzain.

“They are doing all this to stop me from going back home in Dera Bugti,” he added.

Shahzain Bugti said he along with thousands of Bugti families was returning back to Dera Bugti following the Balochistan High Court orders in 2013 but were stopped near Kashmor.

“The forces raided Bugti fort and arrested 150 tribesmen along with their licensed weapons,” he said, adding that the government is deliberately barring Bugti IDPs for political reasons.

He said it was a conspiracy to stop him from repatriation of Internally Displaced Bugti families, and had not visited Quetta for the past year.

Meanwhile, police claimed to have recovered a huge quantity of explosives from an underground water tank of the residence.

“Police have recovered a huge quantity of explosives, electric detonators, electric devices, rocket launchers and huge quantity of Light Machineguns’ rounds,” spokesperson of the Balochistan police said.


Pak Patriot | 8 years ago | Reply

This piece of "Human Garbage" is a Feudal lord. Pakistan should have iliminated the Feudal, Landlord and Nawab class of elites. India, did so, therefore their people are truly free. It is because of this corrupt class of people, who are no more than common criminals indulging in thievery, murder, loot, slavery and plain old fashioned gangsterism, that the people of Baluchistan are NOT FREE. No education, jobs or health care for the masses. Every Baluchistan govt is controlled by the Feudal Lords, who continuously blackmail the pak govt for more and more funds to LOOT or else the Feudals get a rebellion going.

consiglieri | 8 years ago | Reply

Those shaped-charge RPGs tore up our Police APCs during brave Chaudhry Aslam's action to clean up Lyari. and then we wonder from where military spec. weapons come, and have to be faced by under-gunned police.

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