Three killed in rocket attack near Peshawar

Chief of local peace lashkar says the assault by Taliban targeted his house

Express November 12, 2010

PESHAWAR: At least three person, including a woman and a child, were killed and two others were injured on Thursday after a rocket landed on a house during a clash between militants and volunteers of a local lashkar in Adezai village on the outskirts of the city.

The area where this clash occurred is situated some 25 kilometres south of the provincial capital and is close to the semi-tribal Darra Adamkhel region of Kohat.

An official of Mattani police station told The Express Tribune that two person were killed and two others were injured when a rocket landed on the house of a local named Raj Wali. Mattani Lashkar chief Dilawar Khan said that a large number of suspected militants attacked the village and clashed with local volunteers.

Dilawar said that Taliban militants had fired four rockets at his house, one of which hit a house of a local tribesman Raj Wali. As a result, three members of Wali’s family, including his wife, were killed and two others were injured. He said that the rest of those who died were children of the same family.

He said that three other rockets hit another house and two landed on clear ground and did not cause any damage. Dilawar claimed that the militants had attacked the village from Darra Adamkhel, Bara and Frontier Region (FR) Peshawar.

The suicide attack that killed more than 70 people and injured around 80 after a Friday prayers congregation in the Darra Adamkhel region was reportedly aimed at an anti-Taliban lashkar in the area, where the military drove out militants after an operation in early 2008.

Former chief of Adezai lashkar Haji Abdul Malik was also killed in a suicide attack on November 8, 2009, when a bomber blew himself up in a local market. Taliban militants belonging to Darra Adamkhel claimed responsibility for his killing.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 12th, 2010.


Emmon Khan | 12 years ago | Reply Pukhtunkhwa has become the ultimate bloody battefield for the monsters of death and destruction that were created by our own brave generals and our security establishment in tandem with our silly, hypocritical mullahs who are more loyal to international Jihad and mullayiat than to the land of Pakistan or the Pukhtunkhwa. Our intelligence agencies and our 'mujahid' generals still seem to be reluctant to come hard on this 'strategic asset for they look on them as lever to rule Afghanistan by proxy. Unfortunately that will never be case. In case of a triumph in Afghanistan against the giant powers such as the Americans, and the rest of the civilized world, these barbarians will swallow Pakistan like a fly. Our brave generals will then have to live in caves with their Taliban friends instead of the posh villas in the heart of every city in Pakistan. They will also have to send their children to the Taliban blessed madrassas instead of Cadet colleges and Burn Halls! God bless our generals, our agencies and our security establishment, they are really bend on estbalishing an Islamic emirat...Ziayee spirit zindabad!
Asmat Jamal | 12 years ago | Reply Killings in Pakhtunkhwa has become so common that people do not comment on it any more. It is taken as a "Calamity" bestowed through the "chosen ones". Mind you they were chosen by no one other than our own country men, agencies and dictators like Zia Ul Haq. They imposed their wrath to punish the educated, enlightened and well versed people of Pakhtun khwa for difference of opinion. Today the genies have grown into full grown devil. Zia is buried under tons of sludge, however his creation is bent on destroying the creation of GOD.
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