Al-Azhar calls Islamic State 'criminals' serving a 'Zionist' plot to destroy Arab world

Head of Egypt's Al-Azhar University says Islamic State has transmitted a tarnished, alarming image of Muslims.

Afp September 08, 2014

CAIRO: The head of Egypt's Al-Azhar, one of Islam's highest seats of learning, said on Monday that jihadists aligned with the Islamic State (IS) were "criminals" serving a "Zionist" plot to "destroy the Arab world."

"These criminals have been able to transmit to the world a tarnished and alarming image of Muslims," Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyeb said.

"These fundamentalist terrorist groups, whatever their names, and their backers are colonial creations that serve Zionism in its plot to destroy the Arab world."

Al-Azhar is Egypt's top religious authority and runs a university long seen as the most prestigious centre of Muslim learning.

It espouses a different school of theology within Sunnism than the radical Salafi views of the Islamic State and other jihadist groups, and has backed a government crackdown on opposition.


Mary Kay | 7 years ago | Reply

I am not a scholar concerning the Bible or the Koran. I have read more about the Middle East than the average person. It seems to me that these people have been at war with each other for thousands of years, even before there were Jews, Christians or Muslims. The inhumanity that they have visited upon one another for thousands of years has been atrocious. When I try to walk a mile in their moccasins (sandals) their minds are untenable to me. Suffice to say the horror they have suffered cannot be understood by my western mind, To my knowledge rape, torture, mutilations, poisoning, genocide and beheadings have not been inflicted upon any of my family for as far back as I can trace our genealogy. Then you consider how many of these people have been persecuted by their own governments, that we in the west have supported and we wonder where ISiS came from. We helped to create ISIS, by meddling in something we can't begin to fathom.

numbersnumbers | 7 years ago | Reply

@Munir Ahmed: And just where is it reported in Jewish Daily Israel Today that there is "Direct participation of Jews fighting for Is"???? Cannot find any reference to that on their webpage, so please give us the issue date of article you are referring to! (If it ever existed at all!!!!)

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