Islamic State fighters using US arms: Study

IS fighters appear to be using captured US military issue arms supplied to rebels in Syria by Saudi Arabia: report

Afp September 08, 2014

LONDON: Islamic State fighters appear to be using captured US military issue arms and weapons supplied to moderate rebels in Syria by Saudi Arabia, according to a report published on Monday.

The study by the London-based small-arms research organisation Conflict Armament Research documented weapons seized by Kurdish forces from militants in Iraq and Syria over a 10-day period in July.

The report said the militants disposed of "significant quantities" of US-made small arms including M16 assault rifles and included photos showing the markings "Property of US Govt".

It also found that anti-tank rockets used by IS in Syria were "identical to M79 rockets transferred by Saudi Arabia to forces operating under the Free Syrian Army umbrella in 2013".

The rockets were made in the then Yugoslavia in the 1980s.

Islamic State is believed to have seized large quantities of weapons from Syrian military installations it has captured, as well as arms supplied by the United States to the Iraqi army after it swept through northern Iraq in recent weeks.


syed baqar ahsan | 7 years ago | Reply

Americans arms can't slip or captured so easily it is a deliberate supply.American always think themselves too smart and think whatever they say people belief in it.

syed baqar ahsan | 7 years ago | Reply

This press release or story is fabricated by Americans themselves to bluff others.These American arms were supplied by USA himself through KSA/Jordan.They tried first Pakistan to do all this but gone were the days when such were call away.

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