Senator Mushahid Hussain urges Parliament to do more than just holding debates

PML-Q leader calls for inclusion of youth in decision making process

Web Desk September 04, 2014

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League - Quaid (PML-Q) Senator Mushahid Hussain on Thursday urged the parliament to play its ‘due’ role in the Pakistani politics and not just hold debates and discussions.

Addressing the joint session of the Parliament, the senator  proclaimed that Pakistan is a product of a democratic process and that we should learn from our history. "Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah created our country; he had no bomb, no army, no ISI, no big money, he only had credibility, leadership and peoples’ support,” Hussain said.

The senator, who was a key federal advisor during General Pervez Musharrafs’ regime, said that the challenges to Pakistan are manifold and expressed fears that the ISIS - extremist group currently active in Iraq - will be targeting Afghanistan and Pakistan next.

He vehemently demanded that the politics of Pakistan not be confined to only some political families but to all. "The youth wants to come out to voice their opinion and want inclusive participation," he said.

The senator further said that around 65% of Pakistani population is under the age of 35 and they want more than new laptops. "The youth wants development, employment and to be involved in the decision making process of their country," Hussain said.

He called on the Parliament to take a stand for this nation. "The people of Pakistan deserve more than what they are getting,” he stressed.

Mentioning the plight of the IDPs living in Khyber Pakhtunkhua, Hussain questioned why their issues were not being addressed in the assembly.



Baber | 6 years ago | Reply

Every one please appreciate if some is taking a better stance.

Salute Mr. Musahid!!!

And rightly said, parliament is not for tea parties its for solving the my (everyone's) problems.

ObserverUSA | 6 years ago | Reply

He supported NS when he was included in his govt. He supported Musharraf when he was included in PML-Q, which helped prolong the rule of the despot. He is now wanting attention desperately but he is unlikely to succeed in his ambitions, especially of coveting a powerful position in any Govt, presently or in the future. He stood for Presidential elections, far above his political standing.

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