Afghan claims: Sartaj Aziz asks Kabul for proof of Pak inteference

"Pakistan sincerely wants to see a peaceful, stable and united Afghanistan,"

Ppi August 22, 2014


Adviser to the PM on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz on Thursday said if the Afghan authorities have evidence to substantiate their allegations implicating Pakistan in insurgent attacks, acts of terrorism, and cross-border shelling, it should be shared with Pakistan.

In a meeting with the Afghan Ambassador Janan Mosazai he said Pakistan sincerely wants to see a peaceful, stable and united Afghanistan. Aziz further underscored that Pakistan remains committed to building a friendly and good-neighbourly relationship with Afghanistan, on the basis of mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“In this regard, we will continue our efforts to meaningfully address mutual concerns and strengthen trust and understanding.”

For this purpose, both sides must utilize the bilateral mechanisms to reinforce Pakistan-Afghanistan security cooperation and improve border controls and management. 

Published in The Express Tribune, August 22nd, 2014.


Afghan Maihan | 7 years ago | Reply

The proof is in the over abundant supply of arms and ammunition at the disposal of these terrorists. They don't just drop from the sky. Ammonium nitrate and components of mines miraculously appear in Afghanistan like heavenly manna.

It is an affront to the Afghan people to ask them for evidence of Pakistani interference, when all trails lead to Pakistan. It is a foregone conclusion but plausible deniability is employed by the likes of Headcrown Aziz.

Afghan Maihan | 7 years ago | Reply

@ Asad Khan

Pakistan should also try to control its largest province Balochistan and KPK, where terrorists run amok.

The feeling among Afghans is mutual when it comes to grumblings regarding Afghanistan from Pakistan.

We just take it in stride. In Pashto we have a saying: Da spi pa khula daryab na mordarizhi. If you are a Pashtun then you will understand this proverb or zarb ul masal. But then again most Pakistani Pashtuns cannot read or write Pashto because Pashtuns were not allowed to learn their own language in school until recently.

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