Courts closed: Lawyers to boycott courts against sit-ins

Condemning Imran Khan’s call for civil disobedience, bars urge him to take his call back

Our Correspondent August 21, 2014


Pakistan Bar Council and the Supreme Court Bar Association announced to observe a day’s strike and boycott all court proceedings today (Thursday) in protest against the ongoing sit-ins by PTI and PAT in the federal capital.

The joint meeting of executive committees of the councils, held on Wednesday, discussed the prevailing political situation.

The lawyers also formed a committee comprising senior lawyers to monitor the ongoing political unrest.

Condemning PTI chief Imran Khan’s call for civil disobedience, the bars have urged him to take his call back deeming it against the interest of the country.

“We express our utmost concern on the developments stemming out of the ongoing political activities,” the  resolution adopted by the councils said.

The superior bars have endorsed the petition, filed by Supreme Court Bar Association.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 21st, 2014.



Z | 9 years ago | Reply

PTI trolls busy blaming everyone from ECP, Judiciary, Police, Lawyers, USA, Parliament, Presidency, Opposition parties, Ruling party for everything not happening as per their desires. Who's next on the list.

Elections are not won by securing upperclass burger vote. The masses choose, which are with PMLN. Today afternoon there was no crowd at the dharna site but at night thr crowd come to enjoy the concert and eye ball chicks not listen to your leader.A true leader would never use such gimmicks to retain the crowd.

Shaikh Mohommad | 9 years ago | Reply

@Rawalpindi Kid: . IFTIKHAR CHAUDHRY - a hero. Mushrraf, ex-President called I Chaudhary and asked him to resign. Background of this incident: People used to come to Supreme Court and plead and cry for their dear ones who are missing. Once a woman cried and everyone in the court was touched by her plea for tracing the missing husband or father. The chief justice ordered the Superintendent of the area to trace out the person. Later the missing person was produced. People came out in droves in support of Iftikhar Chaudhary and ultimately Musharraf had to go away. There is a saying that if you repeat a lie, then a lie becomes the truth. For so many times have lies been uttered about Iftikhar Chaudhry, that they same to be true. How sad it is that Pakistanis ignore their true heroes. Iftikhar Chaudhry is a hero we should never forget.

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