Mullah Omer willing to talk peace

Express April 18, 2010

Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar indicated on Sunday that he and his followers are warming up to the idea of holding peace talks with western politicians.

Two of the group's senior scholars gave an interview to the Sunday Times deep inside a Taliban controled territory.

The scholars said that Mullah Omer is not vying to control Afghanistan any more, but instead is prepared to engage in sincere and honest talks.

It was revealed that the group's campaign was down to three objectives that is, the return of Shariah law, expulsion of foreigners and restoration of security.

The 2 leaders also insisted that the reports of contact between the Taliban and Kabul government were a fraud.


M. Haidari | 12 years ago | Reply People are thirsty of peace in the region. Please bring the troops back home, and END to the war and invasion of Afghanistan & Iraq. The history shows that the devil empires did not succeed in their goals in the past, neither, the present ones will succeed. Therefore, STOP killing civilians and innocent childern in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Stop the hidden trainings and support of the bad guys and after achieving your aim, putting blame on them and kill them along with innocents. STOP Collateral Killings and STOP invading the world.
Ghafoor Maroof | 12 years ago | Reply Any peace talk is welcome. No matter who offer it first. Afghanistan burnig in the flame of unjusted war in the past thirty two years.Afghan people have been sufferd the most. I hope our NATo freinds also realize that military solution is not the best option. I suggest political solution is the best which can be availble through peace talk.I believe more than 98% of Afghans support peace talk.
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