Loadshedding continues to worsen life

Express April 18, 2010


Residents of southern Punjab are bearing the brunt of power cuts as several hours of loadshedding are making daily life increasingly difficult.

Urban and rural areas of southern Punjab, including Multan are facing prolonged power cuts during the day and the night.

The summer heat is adding to the people's misery as they spend up to 6 hours a night without fans.

With the power outages severely impacting economic activity, residents of various cities are protesting. However, there is no respite on the horizon for now. 18 to 20 hours of power cuts in some areas are also leading to a serious water shortage.

Power shortfall in the MEPCO region has now reached a whopping 750 megawatts.


Nadir El Edroos | 12 years ago | Reply Every day newspapers are filled with protests regarding load shedding and the groundswell of anger against the misery it causes. Yet, that has still not forced the government to come up with any immediate solutions. Government buildings remain lit up pointlessly as if the survival of the nation depends on how bright the president house, parliament and the supreme court looks. You would think that shopkeepers and plaza owners who have previously refused to shut markets by 6 or 7 pm would perhaps reconsider their position. Individuals who keep there houses lit up, with innumerable lights, an utter waste for everyone to see, they don't seem to want to change their behaviour. Waste is everywhere, not only is our government impotent so is society at large, no one wants to do their part and help generate solutions to mitigate the misery that load shedding causes.
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