Govt not threatened by any long march: PM Nawaz

PM says he is ready to listen to the opposition and remove its grievances before or after the long march

Web Desk August 03, 2014

ISLAMABAD: In the face of PTI and PAT rallies marching towards Islamabad, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that his government does not face threat from any protest or long march, Radio Pakistan reported. 

In an interview, the PM said he is ready to listen to the opposition and remove its grievances whether they sit with him before or after the long march.

The prime minister regretted that certain elements are out to create lawlessness and violence by following the path of agitation. However, he said the people are fully aware of their designs and will not let them succeed.

Sharif went on to add political problems are always resolved through dialogue and understanding and not through protests and marches.

The prime minister said the judiciary and other institutions are working independently to address complaints of the opposition and they must be trusted.

He said the Zarb-e Azb Operation in North Waziristan has reached a decisive stage and while the entire nation is fully backing the operation, the opposition parties must also support the armed forces and the IDPs.

He said those in the opposition must play a positive and constructive role in the larger interest of the country.

To another question, the prime minister said the government is taking steps to enhance power generation. He said the government will not sit idle unless it resolves the power crisis.


Iram | 9 years ago | Reply

@Ch. Allah Daad: Mian sb brave leader, hahahaha, nice joke.

Khi2Rwd | 9 years ago | Reply

Dear Mr PM, All men desperately do what is on top of their list. That's usually an invisible list only printed in the subconscious of a man. No man can say he did something that he did not want. But a smart man quickly realize his mistake, repent and compensate for it. Foolish men just make excuses and lengthen their misery. Such smartness develop over a millennia. Short cut: Get away from all. Lock yourself in repent & think deep. Because it's not possible that a rich, powerful & experienced man of your stature can't overcome "a twisted thigh muscle". I feel sorry for your desperation Sir. I never voted for you. Actually I hated you. But I think you need help. A word of wisdom: Just don't bring a calamity upon yourself by your own hands. The worst moment for a man is when he himself is responsible for his own demise, no? Keep a cool head Sir & tell yourself; I can come out of it. I am a survivor. I did it before and I can do it again.

Now Mend your affairs with all. I see you're doing an excellent job in that department. All power to you Bro! I'm too far to help you, but did follow you all along from your first day in Power.

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