Shahrukh Khan is the king of Bollywood: Salman Khan

Kick star says that he doesn’t know where to place himself in Bollywood.

News Desk August 02, 2014

Salman Khan, who has been delivering hit films back-to-back, feels that Shahrukh Khan is the king of Bollywood.

When asked if he now feels like the new king of Bollywood after giving back-to-back hits, Salman said: “You can say whatever you want. But there is a king (hinting at Shahrukh) anyways. You have a problem with him being the king? I don’t have a problem with him being the king,” reported the Hindustan Times.

Following the release of his recent film Kick, Salman has become the first Bollywood actor to give seven consecutive INR1 billion hit films.

The feud between the two ruling Khans of Bollywood and the subsequent patch up has been a fodder for gossip for years now. However, in recent times, Salman has indicated on several occasions that he does not have a problem talking about his contemporary.

“You are talking about Shahrukh?” Salman counter questioned the reporter who asked him if he feels like the king of Bollywood, to which the reporter replied that he was not referring to Shahrukh.

To which Salman said, “I am mentioning (him). If he is the king, he should be the king. That is the good position.”

When asked where he places himself in the industry, Salman said, “I would be placing myself much behind. Right now, I am misplaced.”

Salman’s latest release Kick is doing unimaginably well not only in India but in Pakistan as well. According to rough estimates, the film may cross the INR2 billion mark as well. So far, the movie has collected over INR1.5 billion, even though it has been getting a lot of bad reviews.

“I don’t know about the business. Why talk about INR 200 crore?  Talk about INR 300 or INR 400 crore or INR 500 crore. We would be more than happy if the film does more business,” said Salman, commenting on the box office success and further expectations from the film.

Shahrukh, on the other hand, seems to be fed-up with questions on his rival Salman and says he is bored of it now. When asked whether Salman ever gifted him a painting as he is a better painter, Shahrukh said: “It’s an old question now and we have hugged each other and we are friends. It’s been too many years now that you all are asking me the same question... I am bored now”.

The actor also took a dig at Aamir Khan starrer PK film’s poster at the announcement of the Got Talent World Stage Live. When a reporter asked whether Shahrukh has seen Aamir’s talent by shedding his clothes on PK poster, SRK said: “Idhar talent bola theek hai but isse talent mat bolna (Please don’t call that talent).”

Published in The Express Tribune, August 3rd, 2014.

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