Islamabad 'my love'

Maha Mussadaq April 17, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Nadeem Zaidi is an artist in love with nature. No wonder he shares a deep connection with his hometown, Islamabad.

An exhibition of his works, entitled “My World: A flight of imagination and fantasy,” was shown at the Hunerkada College of Visual and Performing Arts on Friday. The works exhibited included drawings, paintings and textile prints. Zaidi, who was born in the capital, is a man of many talents. He is simultaneously an educationist, writer, textile designer and artist.

“To me, art is about exploring one’s inner sensibilities and fantasies blended in colours and contrasts of realism,” Zaidi said. For more than two decades, he has been exploring and experimenting with art. “I love to work with nature … [and] portray many shades and hues of natural beauty,” he told The Express Tribune on Friday. “My latest works are all fragments from my [imagined] world, based on surrealism, realism and so on,” he said. The 25 works exhibited were done in oil on canvas and board, textile panels, drawings, and water colours. He told The Express Tribune that the “inspiration behind every piece is different.” Some are inspired by Salvador Dali, he confirmed. Others are closer to home - the painting entitled “Memories” is the story of his life, home, education and so on, Zaidi said.

He emphasised on the social responsibility of art. The world he wishes to create is not merely an imagined one. Not only is it linked to reality, he hopes that it will help transform society. His textile panels aim to capture the rhythm of life. A category of his works is dedicated to women - their faces looking towards life with hope as well as anxiousness. The Daliinspired category was called “My World,” in which Zaidi explores his inner thoughts and sensibilities. Another category concerned landscapes. Entitled “My First Love,” he dedicated it to Islamabad.

Speaking more about his ‘beloved city,’ he said: “I have tried to capture familiar places like Margalla Hills and the Rawal Lake, trying to capture its serene beauty forever on my canvas.”


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