Al-Quds Day: Protesters express solidarity with Palestine

Shia Ulema Council leaders, ASWJ take out separate rallies.

Our Correspondent July 26, 2014

ISLAMABAD: Religious parties on Friday took out rallies in the twin cities to protest Israeli “barbarism” which has killed innocent civilians in Palestine and asked the Muslim world to wake up and stop the massacre.

The Shia Ulema Council (SUC) took out a protest demonstration, as did the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jumaat (ASWJ).

The SUC rally, led by the organisation’s central general secretary Arif Wahidi and SUC Rawalpindi District President Allama Qasim Jaffery, was also attended by Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) leader Mian Muhammad Aslam. Participants were carrying banners and holding placards inscribed with anti-Israeli slogans to mark Al-Quds Day, observed every year on the last Friday of Ramazan in various countries as a sign of solidarity with Palestine.

Protesters demanded decisive action against the Jewish state, saying it should be punished for war crimes. “The same pains should be inflicted on the Israelis,” said Muhammad Awais, a member of SUC.

Addressing the occasion, the JI leader and former candidate for NA-48, said Gaza and the West Bank’s siege should immediately be brought to an end. “Hamas should not agree on any kind of peace agreement unless Israel agrees on the halting the siege,” he said.

He said the genocide of Palestine has been going on since 1948 but unfortunately the Muslim world has failed to stop it, adding while those who speak against the holocaust are at once chastised by the West.

“We also condemn the criminal silence of the Muslim world. The Israeli atrocities cannot be stopped with issuing of mere condemnations. Prompt steps must be taken to protect the Palestinians,” he said. Aslam also urged Muslim leaders to forge unity, saying “Israel and anti-Muslim powers will continue to kill us unless we shun these baseless differences and bring unity in our ranks.” For them we all are just Muslims, he commented.

Wahidi said more than two weeks have passed since the beginning of the atrocities but the Muslim world has completely failed to stop them.

He too emphasised on forging unity in the ranks of the Muslim world so that forceful and decisive action against Israel could be taken. He said Israel will have to pay for the murder of 800 innocent civilians.

“Israel knows that we cannot harm it which is why it targets Muslims with impunity,” said Allama Jaffery.

He said the Muslim Ummah should force its leaders to stand firm against Israel and stop the bloodshed forthwith.

The ASWJ rally was led by central deputy secretary general of the party, Allama Masoodur Rahman Usmani.

Usmani, in his address, said a third world war may start if the atrocities on innocent Palestinians were not stopped and the siege of Gaza not removed.

Jamaatud Dawa also staged a protest in I-8 Markaz against the attacks and murder of innocent civilians in Palestine. Hafiz Abdur Rahman Makki, head of the party’s political wing, said a ground is being prepared for a decisive battle between infidelity and Islam.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 26th, 2014.


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