‘Click’: Laurence Savary’s works make everyone want to grab a camera

In order to preserve beauty, we must photograph it, says photographer.

Minerwa Tahir July 25, 2014


There is a photographer in every person and it should be brought out.

This is what the French photographer, Laurence Savary, showcasing her works in the city recommends to those attending the opening at VM Art Gallery on Thursday morning.

“We see beauty all around us but never stop to give it a thought,” said Savary. “In order to preserve it, we must photograph it.”

Savary’s exhibition ‘Walk to South Africa’ focuses on flora and fauna from different parts of South Africa. There are several photographs of different flowers and marine life. A resounding emphasis on the micro details of a natural object, for instance a group of flowers, was striking. The intricate patterns of the inner part of the flowers were captured in one photo, providing colourful detail and design variation.

“The power of colour is what I have used in my clicks,” said Savary. She has encoded personal messages in each colour, she said. When she looks at her photographs later, she can conveniently decode and enjoy the beauty of each colour. “For example, what would be my message for orange, I ask myself. I will remember it later then.”

The photographer has a strong desire to see as many people as possible joining her fold. “I don’t want to be the only one,” she said. “I want to share my beautiful experiences with everyone so that everyone can enjoy them.” She explained that she was a businesswoman originally and decided to take up the camera merely three years ago. Now, she wants others to follow in her steps.

Savary reinforces the power of lateral thinking through her exotic clicks. “Beauty is multiplied when shared. Different eyes will give different interpretations to objects of beauty.”

Her photographs did justice to her words. At first glance, one picture appeared to be that of a blue alien coming from the sky to the earth. A closer look showed a jellyfish.

An unusual concentration

Artists have different inspirations. Savary has, however, a totally unique inclination: human hair. She has photographed different kinds of hair in various types of fashion and uses the lighting effects to give a fresh look.

“The picture of the golden curls is my favourite,” said Riffat Alvi, the curator of the gallery. At first, Savary was concerned that photographs of human hair might be offensive in Pakistani culture, she told The Express Tribune. “I told her that we, Pakistanis, are more fashionable than anyone,” she said jokingly. Savary explained her fear. “I felt that some people might be offended because we must not do art with human form.”

Shades of burgundy, green, golden, brown and black were vibrant in different photographs of human hair. She had picked up a natural focus and brought it out in a beautiful sense. Pointing towards one picture, Alvi said that she thought it was a flower. “But it was a bun tied up of pink-dyed hair.”


“Many artists take a depressed perspective but depression is not going to take us anywhere,” said Savary. “You all can become photographers; you don’t always need a DSLR,” she said as a public message, adding that everyone should let go of negativity and focus on beauty.

The display of her works is set to continue till August 5 from 9am to 3pm. The gallery remains closed on Eid holidays and Sundays.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 25th, 2014.


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