Dos and don'ts for pregnant women while travelling

Expert says expecting women shouldn't travel long distance, should avoid eating outside food.

Ians July 22, 2014

NEW DEHLI: Expecting mothers with normal pregnancy are not prevented from travelling by airplane, train, four-wheelers, but they need to be cautious, says an expert.

“Pregnant women can travel as long as they feel comfortable and everything is normal. Four-wheelers are safer than two-wheelers or autos. Two-wheelers are poorly balanced and can even give backache.

“The same goes for autos, so they should request the driver to drive slowly if they choose to opt for these transports,” gynecologist Mugdha Raut, managing director of Dr Raut's Women's Hospital, Mumbai, told IANS.

If expecting mothers opt to fly from one city to another, they must carry their medical record and be cautious too.

“They shouldn’t travel for long distance. If they do, drink water regularly to avoid dehydration. Take walk after every one hour and consume baby aspirin to prevent clot in legs,” she said.

Most passengers get lured by food available at railway stations, Raut says women who are expecting should avoid them.

“Avoid eating outside food and also carry your own water. If you choose to buy mineral water, make sure it is sealed,” she said.