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The classic sitcom’s leading ladies, who are still the best of friends, grabbed dinner together at Craig’s...

News Desk July 20, 2014

The classic sitcom Friends’ leading ladies Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow grabbed dinner together at Craig’s restaurant in Los Angeles. Aniston and Kudrow toasted to Cox’s shiny new sparkler at the dinner, reported People magazine. Cox, 50, is set to wed Johnny McDaid after the Snow Patrol rocker popped the question in June.

After staying the best of friends for over two decades, the trio sure had a lot to talk about as they dined for almost three hours.

“They had a girls’ dinner to celebrate Courteney’s engagement,” says a source. “They had a great time and enjoyed catching up over dinner for several hours.”

Another source reveals that with Aniston slowly planning her wedding to Justin Theroux, the three met to have “girl talk” about the big day, reported Hollywood Life. “It appeared as if they were having an intimate, very girly conversation. Jennifer had a very big, oversized purse with her. Whenever the waiter would come to check on the table and bring their food and water, she’d clutch the bag close to her. Then when he left she’d open it up and pull papers out and show Lisa and Courteney,” said an eyewitness.

“I don’t know what she was showing them but whatever it was, it was very secretive because she didn’t let anyone see,” the source added. “When she’d show Lisa and Courteney the papers, I could see them clutch their necklaces, gasp and smile, and would say things like, ‘Oh yes, I like this one,’ or ‘I like that one’.”

Aniston and Theroux have been dating since May 2011, and it’s still not confirmed when they’ll tie the knot. However, it seems like the planning is underway. “When they were leaving, Lisa made a joke about the dessert they had eaten,” the source said. “As she stood up and waited for Courteney and Jennifer to stand, she made a joke and said, ‘Jen you should serve this at the wedding.’”

That’s not it, it gets even better. Their Friends costar Matt LeBlanc also took part in the reunion. “They Facetimed me from the restaurant. I talked to them over the phone and saw them all. It’s hard to get together because everyone is all over the place,” he said, reported E! Online.

LeBlanc, however, pointed out that Aniston, Cox and Kudrow have remained remarkably close since the show bowed out. “They’ve been eating lunch together for 20 years. It was no reunion. They never split up.” LeBlanc also commented on Cox’s engagement saying: “I haven’t met him yet. I want to meet him, so I need to get on that. I need to get the baseball bat and go over there,” he said, laughing. “Apparently, he’s a great guy. I’m sure he’s awesome. Courteney likes him!”

We know it’s just dinner and Facetime. But four-sixths of a Friends reunion is probably the biggest one we’ll ever get, so we’ll take a moment to savor it.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 21st, 2014.

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The Only Normal Person Here | 9 years ago | Reply

I knew that Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox are friends but i feel so happy to know that lisa kudrow is part of the gang too, even after 10 years. Thumbs up ladies.

Noushin | 9 years ago | Reply Real friendship last for a lifetime.
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