Pakistan condemns US drone strike in North Waziristan

Pakistan views such strikes as a violation of the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Web Desk July 19, 2014
Pakistan condemns US drone strike in North Waziristan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has condemned the US drone strike in Madakhel tehsil of Data Khel, North Waziristan in the early hours of Saturday.

A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs released on Saturday said that the strikes cause a negative impact.

"Pakistan regards such strikes as a violation of its sovereignty and territorial integrity. As has been made clear on earlier occasions also these strikes have a negative impact on the Government’s efforts to bring peace and stability in Pakistan and the region."

The US drone strike had targeted a compound killing 11 suspected militants in Madakhel Tehsil in Data Khel, North Waziristan.

The strike comes two days after another strike in which at least 20 people were killed in Data Khel.


Bakhtiyar Ghazi Khan | 9 years ago | Reply

Every drone strike turns 200 million Pakistanis more against the policies of US, Indians, Israelis, and occupiers of Muslim lands. In the end, it is for no one interests and illegal by international law.

unbelievable | 9 years ago | Reply

Get rid of the terrorist - especially the "good terrorist" and the drones will magically disappear.

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