We don’t get along or talk, but I like Shahrukh: Salman

The Dabangg star speaks about his contemporaries and reveals the nature of the relationship he shares with them.

News Desk July 18, 2014

Salman Khan opens up about the relationship he shares with Akshay Kumar and the reigning Khans — Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan, reports the Times of India.

Are you and Shahrukh friends today?

I like Shahrukh; though, we don’t get along and don’t talk. God has blessed him with so much fame and respect. There are people who come and backbite about him to me and I can’t stand that at all. We are not best friends any more, but we are normal and cordial. He thinks and he plans. God has given him a mind and he uses that. He is a hardworking man. Sometimes I seriously think that the way he thinks is far more correct than the way I think. As in, the way he is and the way he thinks for his family is 100% correct. If what he is doing is not benefitting others, people will say he is not a good person. They will call him a selfish man just because he is protecting the interests of himself and his family. Till the time you are benefitting someone else, you are a great guy. I know he is correct when it comes to his family and stuff like that, but I can’t get myself to do that. People come and tell me that I am a different guy and he is a different guy. I ask them what the difference is. Is it the fact that they can make a fool of me and they can’t make a fool of him? I may allow people to use me and let it go just because I don’t want to spoil relationships; I always know what is going on. Shahrukh may not allow that and he is 100% correct. We are different people and it won’t be a compliment to God if we were alike. Two brothers are not alike. He is correct in his life and I am correct in mine.

What kind of relationship do you share with Aamir Khan?

I can best explain my relationship with him through an example. In Andaz Apna Apna, there were two scenes he did very well. They were his solo scenes and I loved them. When he saw the edit, he got them cut off from the film as he felt that he was hogging the limelight and that made his role more prominent than mine. This shows how wonderful a person Aamir is. His beautiful quality is that he’ll be with you the way you are with him. We share a great bond. He doesn’t need anything from me and I don’t need anything from him.

What do you think of Akshay Kumar?

As far as the number of films he does in a year, money rotation within the industry and money he makes at the box office are concerned, I feel he is the number one star today. He works with everybody and he is the only star that has grown as an actor. It is difficult for anybody to do the kind of work he does. He comes, works and leaves. He does not badmouth anybody. He dances well, is a very good-looking man and he can act. He is the only one who is growing and learning and I love the fact that he still enjoys the pain of learning something new. I am a big fan of him.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 19th, 2014.

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