Shoulder to shoulder: Hundreds protest against Israeli aggression

Protesters criticise United Nations, Arab states.

Hassan Naqvi July 18, 2014


Hundreds of protestors on Thursday staged a demonstration against Israeli aggression against Palestinians in Gaza at Liberty roundabout.

The protest was organised to express solidarity with the people of Gaza. The demonstrators carried placards condemning the United Nations and denouncing the use of force in Gaza.

The protestors chanted slogans against Israel. People from all walks of life attended the protest.

Maiza Hameed, a National Assembly member from the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz termed Israeli atrocities in Gaza as genocide. She urged the international community to put an end to Israeli aggression. Maiza said that this conflict was not about race or religion but simply about humanity and barbarity.

Ali Reza, a human rights activist, said, “We have gathered here to express solidarity with the people of Gaza. Hundreds of people have been killed. The Arab-Israeli conflict has displaced millions of people. Similar concern should be shown for the thousands of Iraqis killed by militants.”

Farooq Hassan, another protestor said that killing people in the name of eliminating terrorism had become common.

He accused Arab governments of being hand in glove with Israel. He said that Israeli aggression had rendered the entire world speechless. Hassan said, “Israeli jets remain airborne with fuel supplied by Arab countries.”

“The agony, torture and fear inflicted on children in Palestine cannot be justified as collateral damage,” Kehkashan Farooq, another demonstrator, said. She said that wars only fostered destruction.

Farooq said that the leaders of Israel and Hamas should resolve the issue through political means for the future of the children of Israel and Palestine.

Moeed Ashraf, another protestor, said that Pakistani representatives at the United Nations and other international forums should highlight the situation.

Mobeen Chughtai, another demonstrator said that the crux of the Arab-Israeli conflict was the tragedy of two nations being unable to live in peace.

Chughtai said that the level of hatred among Israelis and Palestinians could be gauged from the fact that children were considered legitimate targets. He said that the situation could not be left to fester irrespective of political, religious and national affiliations.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 18th, 2014.


unbelievable | 9 years ago | Reply

You don't take to the streets when tens of thousands of Pakistani's are slaughtered by terrorist .. but you take to the streets to protest American videos, proposed blasphemy laws, and Israeli aggression? Your should examine your priorities.

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