Recipe: Dahi Batata Puri

Crisp puris in melange of potatoes, chickpeas, curd, mouth-watering chutneys - an ideal treat for a hot summer day.

Nisma Chauhan July 24, 2014



•  Prepare the chutney and keep it aside.

•  Boil the potatoes and allow them to cool.

•  Once the potatoes have reached room temperature, peel and chop them into tiny cubes.

•  Chop the onions and coriander leaves into small pieces and set aside.

•  Add sugar to the yogurt and beat it into a smooth paste.

•  Crack each puri from the centre and set them on a plate.

•  Fill the puris with 1 tbsp of the potatoes and onions and 1 tsp of chutney. You may add more chutney if desired.

•  Add sev to each puri and cover it completely.

•  Add yogurt. You can either pour it directly onto the plate or place 2 tbsp on each puri separately.

•  Garnish the puris with chopped coriander leaves and add chaat masala as desired.

Note: Serve the puris as soon as they are made as they become soggy over time.

Nisma Chauhan is currently pursuing degree in Mass Communication with a major in print. A full-time shopoholic who loves to cook and invent new recipes.

Published in The Express Tribune, Ms T, July 20th, 2014.


ZF | 9 years ago | Reply

Recipe is incomplete, no details of making chutneys, and no details for the preparation of puris. Only easy stuff is mentioned. Next time publish the recipe of making parathas through ready made parathas.

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