Controversial law: JI to move Supreme Court over PPA

All the bar associations have also decided to strongly oppose the PPA 2014.

Hasnaat Malik July 15, 2014

ISLAMABAD: Jamaat-i- Islami (JI) has decided to approach Supreme Court against the controversial Protection of Pakistan Act 2014.

A senior member of JI confirmed to The Express Tribune that JI will move petition before the apex court on Wednesday urging it to declare the PPA as illegal.

Taufiq Asif advocate will appear before the court while representing JI.  The JI member further confided that a petition has been drafted which challenges certain sections of the PPA.  “We will request the SC to strike down the whole law and the petition will be moved under Article 184 (3) of the constitution today (Wednesday), he adds.

Bar associations also oppose PPA

Meanwhile, the bar associations have also decided to strongly oppose the PPA 2014.

Pakistan Bar Council vice chairman Muhammad Ramzan Chaudhry told The Express Tribune that the PPA was a ‘black law’ and urged the Supreme Court to examine this law.

“We will take up the issue of PPA in next bar council meeting scheduled for July 19. After consultation with all members, we will also challenge the PPA in the apex court as its clear violation of Article 10-A of the Constitution”.

He further said that there will be no fair trail and due process once the PPA is enforced in the country.

SCBA president Kamran Murtaza had contended that PPA was against the injections of Islam and violates of fundamental rights, therefore, this law should be declared void by the superior courts.

Murtaza also raised objections over section 3 of PPA, wherein security forced have the authority to enter anyone’s house without seeking permission.

“We gave some recommendations to Attorney General for Pakistan (AGP) about making necessary amendments in this law but the government did not accept our proposals in this regard”, he added.


view from usa | 8 years ago | Reply

Poor reporting - typical of Pakistani newspapers. When reporting about a controversy or reaction to an issue, they seldom tell what the issue is; only the reaction is discussed. In this news item, it is assumed the reader would know what PPA is. The reporters should be made to just read any reputable foreign paper, even if they don't have a university degree, to learn the basics of a good reporting.

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