Army announces Rs20m compensation for victims

Express April 21, 2010

KHYBER: The Pakistan Army on Wednesday announced compensation of Rs20 million for the civilians mistakenly killed and injured in Tirah valley operation.

Earlier, Chief of Army Staff, General Ashfaq Kayani, had offered his apologies to a local tribe over the deaths of civilians during military action in Khyber last week.

Military and political officials initially said at least 42 militants were killed in a gunfight and air strike in the Tirah valley of the Khyber tribal district, where Pakistani jets targeted local Islamist militants last Saturday.

But tribesmen later said dozens of civilians were among the dead and the military on Saturday released a rare public apology over the deaths.

Kayani apologised to the Kukikhel tribe over the "unfortunate incident" last Saturday "which resulted in loss of precious and innocent civilian lives," said the statement.

"He offered his heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families. The chief of army staff stated that he has ordered measures to avoid reoccurrence of such incidents in future," it added.


Nadir El-Edroos | 12 years ago | Reply I hope they can also give back paymetns for the many civilians that have been killed over the past 6 7 years or at the very least acknowledge that along with drone strikes the Pak army also has a hand in the killing of civlians.
Abuwajeeh Hashmi | 12 years ago | Reply This is called collateral damage, which off course is regretable.But in war specially once it is being fought in own area where innocent Muslims or citizens (be of any religion) those who support government's actions also dwell , such like accidents may accur. Once Hazrat Ali bin abi Talib Ameer ul Momineen entered Basarah leading his Army , a local muslim women who was carrying a baby in her womb gave a premature birth out of fear of attack , resultantly the baby died and the mother died too. The incident was reported to the most wise , sanctimonious , best qazi of Isalm Hazrat Ali RA. he asked who died first the baby or the mother , witnesses replied the baby first then the mother. Ameer ul Momineen gave the decree that state ,"Bait ul Maal" would pay 2 diyats to the affected family.I hope the Government would do the same. Now i would request the readers to " Zakhmo per namak pashi ker ney ki bajaye marham patti kia kare." Thanks
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