Mathira's sister to debut soon

Rose debuts in Hassam Khan’s film Azaad, set to be released soon.

Web Desk July 12, 2014

KARACHI: If Mathira wasn’t enough with her songs, commercials and television shows, her sister Rose has decided to follow her footsteps and enter the industry as well.

However, unlike her infamous younger sister who started her career with a yoga show on Vibe and was later offered a late night show on the same channel, Rose has resorted to taking the other way round – plunging directly into the film industry.

“She will venture into hardcore acting, unlike the route I took to make it big in the industry,” Mathira told The Express Tribune.

A doting younger sister Mathira proudly introduced Rose. “It feels great to introduce my sister in the same industry because at the end of the day it is sisters who help sisters in making big decisions in life.”

Rose debuts in Hassam Khan’s film Azaad, set to be released soon and has already been featured in a local bank commercial.

“I was always interested in acting,” the new comer told The Express Tribune.

Labelling her the ‘angelic’ sister, Mathira further added that Rose has supported her throughout her life and especially whenever she committed mistakes. “We are best friends yet we have a cat fight every day.”

Here’s to hoping Rose brings something new to the Pakistani entertainment industry and doesn’t fizzle out as quickly as her sister did after a glorious beginning to her career.


abdullah | 7 years ago | Reply

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ali aslam | 7 years ago | Reply i agree that mathira has lot of fans ..they might criticize her ..but even our maulvis love watching her programs, anyways all the best to bold Rose..we need more bold girls in the industry
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