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Brand ambassador of Toni & Guy in Pakistan shares some useful tips on how to achieve and maintain healthy hair.

Express November 06, 2010

On a recent episode of “The Morning Show” on Express 24/7, Shammal Qureshi, the brand ambassador of Toni & Guy in Pakistan, shared some useful tips on how to achieve and maintain healthy hair.

Using hair products - yes or no?

Hair products are great but as long as they are good hair products. Products are concerned with the existing hair on your head. They don’t penetrate inside your scalp. Bad products weaken the elasticity of your hair, causing hair breakage and split ends.

What should one look for in a hair product?

UV protection, anti-oxidants and heat protection.

What should be avoided in a hair product?

Sulphates, sodium chloride (they are artificial hair thickeners) and excessive silicon (they make your hair shiny but tend to build up on your hair) etc.

How can one stop hair fall?

The major reason for hair fall is insufficient blood circulation. Try a warming oil treatment, a massage or anything that encourages blood circulation. The other thing is nutrients like zinc and biotins. There are multivitamins in the markets which are geared towards hair and they work. If hair fall is genetic, there is not much you can do but it is possible to delay it. Stress also causes hair fall.

How about putting a raw egg yolk on your hair?

Proteins are good for your hair. They are antioxidants as well. But when you crack an egg on your hair, the molecules of those proteins are not small enough to go inside the shaft of your head. They’re good as a cosmetic. For a day or two, your hair will look shiny and thicker.

Which oil is better?

High-grade oil. The finer the oil is, the more refined it is and the deeper it goes into your hair and inside the shaft.

Is our climate good for hair?

In hot climate, oil glands tend to become overactive which makes hair oilier. There’s a need to wash them more regularly. But in Punjab, the water is soft which is good for hair.

How can one stop dandruff?

Dandruff starts when the scalp gets dry. If you have chronic dandruff, it’s better to see a doctor because it’s a medical problem. But if you have a little bit of it here and there, then get oiling treatments.

How many times should one shampoo?

Three to four times a week.

How to use heat products?

Always apply a heat protective product on your hair before straightening, blow drying or using any other product that uses heat.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 7th, 2010.


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